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How to Type and Send SMS Messages
From your Cell Phones/Pagers Guide

SMS messages are growing in popularity among cell phone users. Even though instructions vary depending on your phone, here are the basic principles of how to send SMS with your cell phone.

Difficulty Level: Easy    Time Required: 5 minutes

Here's How:
  1. Keep in mind that most phones allow for 2 kinds of text messages to be sent: SMS, usually sent from a mobile phone to another phone activated on the same network, or email, which can be sent to any Internet email address.
  2. Go to your phone's "messages" menu.
  3. Select "New Message", "Send SMS", "Send Text Message", "Send", "New email" or "Send e-mail"
  4. If your phone has "predictive text input", enter words by typing the corresponding letters on each numeric key. Never mind the non-sense text that appears: the phone should progressively recognize the word that you want to type.
  5. If your phone does not have predictive text input, type the key corresponding to each letter repeatedly and quickly until the desired letter appears.
  6. To type a new letter, just type another numeric key. If the next letter that you need is located on the same numeric key, wait a little bit or use your phone's "right" or "down" arrow to move to the next letter.
  7. To type a space, press "0" or use the right or down arrow key. On phones with predictive text input, a "suggested" word will appear highlighted. Press "ok" or "yes" to accept it and move to a new word.
  8. Most phones let you switch from normal to predictive text input using the "option" or "menu" button.
  9. To type a special character (symbol), try using the "option", "menu", "*" or "#" buttons: the phone should then let you select a symbol. Press "ok" or "yes" when done.
  10. Once your SMS message is typed, use the "options" or "menu" button. The phone should prompt you to enter a phone number or an email address.


  1. To save time, try using abreviations. For instance: "I'm looking for you" can be replaced by "Im lkng 4 u". Other common shortcuts include: "r" for "are" and "ur" for "your".
  2. To send SMS messages to a phone user not subscribed to your cellular company, use his/her phone's email such as "2125551212@voicestream.com". Network-dependent feature. Ask your correspondents for their phone's email.
  3. To easily exchange messages with a regular Internet correspondent, ask him to send SMS to your phone and "reply" to that text message. Your cell phone should handle the correct reply address.

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