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How to Send Any Ringtone To Your Phone By Email For Free
From your Cell Phones/Pagers Guide

Some Nokia and Motorola cell phones allow you to add a new ringtone by sending a binary ringtone code over the Internet, either by email or through an SMS gateway. Here are step by step instructions on how to do it.

Difficulty Level: Easy    Time Required: 5 minutes

Here's How:
  1. Some Motorola and Nokia phones can download ringtones, but not all of them let you do it yourself. To find out about yours, read The Ringtones FAQ about "binary" ringtones.
  2. If your cell phone can not receive binary ringtones, stop here and find your cell phone's brand in this list for further instructions.
  3. Browse the free ringtones available on this site or find any other Nokring/RTTTL ringtones at other sites on the Internet.
  4. Once you select a ringtone, click the "try it on your phone" link. If your ringtone is from another site, copy it using your computer's clipboard and go to Uniring to convert it.
  5. Either in Uniring or after clicking the "try it on your phone" link on this site, you will be offered a series of format choices. Select either "Nokia Binary" or "Motorola by SMS".
  6. Uniring will return one or many strings of code, each named "message 1", "message 2" and so on. That's your ringtone. Copy and paste it in a text file using your computer clipboard. You can also bookmark that page.
  7. To send it to your phone, click the "Send it to your phone" link. Alternatively, you can also send each message to your phone manually using your cellular company's SMS gateway.
  8. Provide your phone number and cellular company's name. If yours is not in the list, you can still use that feature by providing your cell phone's full email address, just above the "Send it" button.
  9. Your phone's email address is obtained by combining your full 10 digits phone number with no hyphen(e.g. "5145551212"), the "@" and your cellular company's email extension, for instance "mobile.att.net" for AT&T Wireless.
  10. If you can't find out what your phone's email addresws is, contact your cellular company's customer service.
  11. Click the "Send it!" button. The program should confirm that all necessary messages were sent and return you to a ringtones page.
  12. Within a few seconds to one minute, your cell phone should warn you that a new message or ringtone has been received.
  13. On a Nokia phone, just follow the instructions to save your new ringtone. On a Motorola phone, open your "new message", press the button for "message options" and select "play music" or "save ringtone".
  14. Your new melody will be listed with your other ringtones. To use it, associate it with a caller group or make it the default ringtone. You should find these options under "Profiles" (for Nokia phones) or "Tone settings".


  1. If this doesn't work with your cell phone, chances are it is unable to receive ringtones that way. Did you check the Ringtones FAQ?

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