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Free Phone and Pager Offers
These links will send you directly to some free phone and pager offers. But keep in mind that nothing is really free since companies are in business for profit, so please remain cautious: free services usually still incure taxes and shipping fees or activation fees that might be higher than elsewhere! In some cases, bying a low-cost pager with a cheaper service plan might be a better option. Before making your final decision, check out the major phone and pager service providers to compare airtime plans at my Cell phone carriers page and my Paging carriers page.

Telstreet.com - free Qualcomm QCP-820 phone
With purchase of GTE, AirTouch or Verizon service plan.

Choosebig.com Free Cellular Phone offer
Free Qualcomm QCP-2700 phone after paying 100$ and claiming a 100$ mail-in rebate... A one (1) year service agreement is required before activation and delivery (limited time offer)

Free Motorola Pager
Both numeric and alphanumeric, but with activation on the Pagenet network.

Free NEC Exec Pager
With three months airtime purchase.

Pro Page
Offers a free flex pager with one year of service.

Excel Communications
This Excel Communication representative offers a free Motorola LS350 pager with one year of service.

Unique Pager
That company's business is based on free pagers with service. They even have a multi-level marketing system to reward users who find new users.

Preferred Pagers
Free Pager with 1 year airtime

Forever Page (free service)
This is the opposite of most offers. You don't pay for the service, but you pay for the pager plus activation. In addition to that, callers who page you must pay 35 to 40 cents per page. Since the lowest pager and activation package comes to more than 80$... it is still expansive...but might appeal to some users who plan on receiving only a few pages.

FreeBee (Canada)
That Ottawa company lets you use a free pager as long as you pay for service (at 10 can$ per month) plus a 20$ activation fee and another 10$ fee withheld for the last month of service. (Flash animated site)

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