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Opinions on Cell Phone Radiation
Guide picks
Health issues associated with radiation and the use of cellular phones.

The Cellular Phone Antennas and Human Health FAQ Best of the Net
Maintained and updated frequently by Dr. John E. Moulder, Professor of Radiation Oncology.

Wireless Information Ressources Center
List of research papers about the safety of wireless devices and other health info.

Cell Phone Risks Roundup
CNET Consumer Electronics takes a deep look at the ways cell phones can harm you, from cancer to car crashes.

A one person's story of cellular-related health problems. That person lives close to a cellular tower base station and calls for other person's similar stories to force the industry to take safety measures.

Microwave News
Paid publication on microwave frequencies (including cellular) radiations. Offers some sample issues.

Cell Phones and Electromagnetic Health Hazards
The ecomall provides information on cell phone risks.

Cell phone radiation "epinions"
epinions.com members' opinions on cell phone radiations.

Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones
That UK temporary group released a very interesting report on mobile phones and health.

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