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LG 5350 Side-by-Side Comparison

This is a comparison table featuring the LG 5350 and three other phones selected by a computer algorithm based on their similitudes with the LG 5350.

The LG 5350 wins over the other phones in this list on this:

  • a color display with more colors
  • a longer stand-by time

    You may want to check out the LG VX1 since it appears to be more interesting than the LG 5350 on various items including: Weight, Dimensions, Talk Time


    LG 5350
  • Compare It!
  • 2

    LG VX4400
  • User Reviews
  • Compare It!
  • 3

    LG VX2000
  • Compare It!
  • 4

    LG VX1
  • Compare It!
  • Weight 3.88 oz. / 110 g 4.0 Oz 3.98 oz 3.8 ounces
    Dimensions 3.54" (H) x 1.81" (W) x 1.06" (D) 3.46"(H) x 1.89"(W) x 1.07"(D) 4.59"(H) x 1.87"(W) x 0.88"(D) 3.3"H x 1.8"W x 0.97"D
    Band Dual band dual band dual band No/?
    Analog yes yes yes yes
    Games yes yes yes Comanche, BlackJack
    Bluetooth No/? No/? No/? No/?
    Camera No/? No/? No/? No/?
    Color Mode 65,000 colors 120 x 133 Pixels No/? No/? No/?
    Infrared communication No/? No/? No/? No/?
    Display Type No/? No/? No/? No/?
    Display Resolution No/? No/? No/? No/?
    PDA phone No/? No/? No/? No/?
    Phone book numbers 199 199 199 199
    Stand-by Time 192 110 No/? 110
    Talk Time 3 180 3.2 180
    Speakerphone No/? No/? built-in speakerphone No/?
    Music enabled No/? No/? No/? No/?
    Push-to-Talk No/? No/? No/? No/?
    DATA Data Capable yes No/? Data Capable
    Battery Power No/? No/? No/? No/?

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