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Cell Phone Hall of Fame - Page 1

Here is the top 40 of the Cell Phone Hall of Fame, showing phones with recent or past glory either for having been loved and praised or for having been a fabulous flop. Be prepared to recognize many phones you had forgotten and keep going, it gets funnier (and sometimes more pathetic) towards the end!

40. Nokia 7280
So young and already bound to be a flop, but a tribute to Nokia's courage to introduce yet another phone with a weird (if any) dialing system.
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  • 39. Firefly Phone
    One of the first if not the first cell phone for kids with no numeric keypad but mom and dad calling buttons and other restrictions meant for parental control.
    38. Sony Ericsson s710a
    Almost... but not perfect, the s710a has its aficionados and is among the first designs to be usable just like a camera, sideways.
    37. Samsung P777
    Turns to a sideways camera, has a slider keypad, woof! Quickly became quite popular.
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  • 36. BlackBerry 7100
    The BlackBerry 7100 series finally gave a more phone-like shape to the popular BlackBerry line. A milestone in instant email devices.
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  • 35. LG F9100
    Not exactly an exceptional phone but worthy of the Hall of Fame for its excellent keyboard that slides on the side.
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  • 34. Nokia 7710
    A PDA-like phone, but with a strange form factor, which had novelty blog writers excited about it.
    33. Motorola RAZR
    Only .54 inches makes the Motorola RAZR certainly one of the thinest phones in history and, in these conditions, packing a camera and surprisingly good battery life is an exploit.
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  • 32. Nokia 6620
    Long showcased as a concept phone, the 6620 proved to also be a great phone: one of the highest ratings in our user reviews.
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  • 31. Nokia 7700
    Only Nokia could come up with such a funny design. However, the 7700 never made it to the market.

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