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Direct ringtone and graphic transfer by infrared
Establishing An Infrared Connection

Once you place both the phone and the laptop with their infrared ports in line of sight, they should recognize each other.

(This example uses the Siemens SL56 cell phone with a Windows XP computer. The procedure for other phones may vary but should be quite similar.)

Infrared detection:

This example: In this example, under Windows XP, the computer reports "Another computer is nearby" and plays a sound.

Other phones: On other Windows versions or MacIntosh, please refer to your computer's documentation for more on establishing infrared connection.

Upload icon:

This example: A Windows XP computer will immediately display an icon that offers to transfer files to the other device. Double-click it.

Dialog window:

This example: This will open a dialog window in which you can browse to the files you want to send to your cell phone. If you just downloaded a ringtone or graphic from here, go to the folder where you saved it.

Progress bar:

This example: Once you double-click an item, it will transfer to the phone and the computer will display a progress bar - and so should your cell phone. Once done, your phone should report that it has received a new file.

Reception folder:

This example: The Siemens SL56 sends infrared transfer files in the "Data Objects" folder. Once a new file is received, it will usually display the icon of that folder above the left function key for quick access.

Other phones: On other cell phones, it varies but most phones will automatically open that folder once a file is received. Check your owner's manual.

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