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Lexington Cellular Service Plans With 1000 minutes and more

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Incl. = Included minutes
More = More minutes, the price paid for each additional minute.
Long dist. = Long distance, the price paid for each minute of long distance call.
N&WE = Night & Week-ends. Some plans include additional off-peak minutes or even unlimited calling.
1st min. = First incoming minutes. Some operators won't charge you for the first minute of an incoming call, up to a certain limit.
Reg./Nat roaming = Regional and National roaming, the price paid for each minute while roaming regionally and nationally.
Tech = Digital technology, the digital technology used by the carrier

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Operator & PlanRateIncl.MoreLong dist.N&WE1st min.Reg. / Nat. roamingTech
Nextel National Connect$79.991000$0.35incl.6900 min.-incl. / incl.iDEN
Nextel Local Connect$79.991000$0.35$0.15unl. min.-incl. / incl.iDEN
Verizon Wireless Anytime Promo$551000$0.40incl.unl. min.-$0.69 / $0.69CDMA
Verizon Wireless Local Digital Choice$751000$0.35$0.20unl. min. ($4.99)-$0.69 / $0.69CDMA
AT&T National Network$74.991000$0.40incl.unl. min.-incl. / incl.TDMA
Nextel Free Incoming$109.991000$0.35incl.unl. min. ($10)Yesincl. / incl.iDEN
Sprint Free & Clear$79.991000$0.40incl.7000 min.-incl. / incl.CDMA
Cingular Wireless Cingular Home$69.991000$0.39incl.3000 min.-$0.79 / $0.79TDMA
Nextel National Plan$99.991000$0.35incl.unl. min. ($10)-incl. / incl.iDEN
Cingular Wireless Preferred Network$99.991200$0.39incl.3000 min.-incl. / incl.TDMA
Verizon Wireless America's Choice$1001200$0.25incl.unl. min. ($4.99)-incl. / incl.CDMA
AT&T Digital Advantage$99.991200$0.30incl.--$0.69 / $0.69TDMA
AT&T States Calling Plan$1051200$0.25incl.500 min. ($5)-incl. / $0.60TDMA
Nextel Free Incoming$139.991300$0.35incl.unl. min. ($10)Yesincl. / incl.iDEN
Verizon Wireless Local Digital Choice$1001300$0.25$0.20unl. min. ($4.99)-$0.69 / $0.69CDMA
AT&T National Network$99.991300$0.40incl.unl. min.-incl. / incl.TDMA
Sprint Free & Clear$99.991300$0.40incl.8700 min.-incl. / incl.CDMA
Nextel National Plan$129.991300$0.35incl.unl. min. ($10)-incl. / incl.iDEN
AT&T America Calling Plan$1401400$0.35incl.unl. min. ($10)-incl. / incl.TDMA
T-Mobile Get More Max$99.991400$0.30incl.unl. min.-incl. / incl.GSM
Nextel National Connect$129.991500$0.35incl.11400 min.-incl. / incl.iDEN
Verizon Wireless SingleRate$1501500$0.25incl.--incl. / incl.CDMA
Cingular Wireless Cingular Home$99.991500$0.39incl.3000 min.-$0.79 / $0.79TDMA
Cingular Wireless Cingular Nation$149.991500$0.35incl.--incl. / incl.TDMA
Nextel National Plan$159.991600$0.35incl.unl. min. ($10)-incl. / incl.iDEN
Cingular Wireless Preferred Network$149.992000$0.35incl.3000 min.-incl. / incl.TDMA
Verizon Wireless SingleRate$2002000$0.20incl.--incl. / incl.CDMA
Verizon Wireless America's Choice$1502000$0.25incl.unl. min. ($4.99)-incl. / incl.CDMA
AT&T Digital Advantage$149.992000$0.30incl.--$0.69 / $0.69TDMA
Sprint Free & Clear$79.992000$0.40incl.--incl. / incl.CDMA
AT&T America Calling Plan$2002000$0.25incl.unl. min. ($10)-incl. / incl.TDMA
Cingular Wireless Cingular Nation$199.992000$0.29incl.--incl. / incl.TDMA
AT&T National Network$149.992200$0.40incl.unl. min.-incl. / incl.TDMA
Cingular Wireless Cingular Home$149.992200$0.35incl.3000 min.-$0.79 / $0.79TDMA
Nextel National Plan$199.992300$0.35incl.unl. min. ($10)-incl. / incl.iDEN
Nextel National Connect$199.993000$0.35incl.16900 min.-incl. / incl.iDEN
Nextel National-Unl. Private Call$39.990$0.35incl.unl. min. ($10)-incl. / incl.iDEN
Cingular Wireless Cingular Nation$29.99150$0.45incl.--incl. / incl.TDMA
Cingular Wireless Preferred Network$199.993000$0.29incl.3000 min.-incl. / incl.TDMA
Verizon Wireless SingleRate$3003000$0.20incl.--incl. / incl.CDMA
Verizon Wireless America's Choice$2003000$0.20incl.unl. min. ($4.99)-incl. / incl.CDMA
AT&T Digital Advantage$199.993000$0.25incl.--$0.69 / $0.69TDMA
T-Mobile Get More 3000 Promo$49.993000$0.35$0.20--incl. / $0.49GSM
AT&T National Network$199.993200$0.40incl.unl. min.-incl. / incl.TDMA
Cingular Wireless Cingular Home$199.993200$0.29incl.3000 min.-$0.79 / $0.79TDMA
Nextel National Plan$299.993500$0.35incl.unl. min. ($10)-incl. / incl.iDEN
Cingular Wireless Cingular Home$249.993750$0.19incl.3000 min.-$0.79 / $0.79TDMA
Sprint PCS: No roaming charges within Sprint's US coverage area; charges of up to $0.69 per minute will apply outside these areas.
Nextel: No roaming charges within Nextel's US coverage area. Note that because Nextel uses a proprietary technology, no roaming is possible off their network.

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