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VZ Navigator Mobile GPS Software Review - Smartphones - About ...
I took Verizon's VZ Navigator GPS software for a test drive to see how it compares . My verdict? The small screen of a smartphone will never fully replace a GPS ...
GPS: Smartphone vs. Dedicated Car (PND)
Smartphone GPS navigation has quickly grown into a robust product category with lots of options for consumers. Should you invest in a smartphone navigation  ...
Latest Smartphone GPS Apps, iPhone, RIM, Palm, G1 - GPS Reviews
Smartphones are more useful than ever, thanks to a growing list of GPS-driven location-based-services. Find out more about the latest GPS ulility for ...
Smartphone Plus Car GPS Navigation - GPS Reviews - About.com
What's the best way to find your way, and to take advantage of the ever-growing list of location-based services; a smartphone or a dedicated car GPS?
Golf GPS Apps - Reviews of Golf GPS Apps for Smartphones and ...
Read reviews and ratings of golf GPS apps for smartphones and mobile devices, or add your own review of a download you've tried.
Navigating With Smartphone and Car GPS
With sales of smartphones, such as the iPhone, and Android operating system phones still growing briskly, and with dedicated car GPS sales waning, you might  ...
GPS Reviews: Smartphone, iPad, Car, Handheld & Fitness
We road test, field test, and work out with the latest GPS receivers and smartphone apps and accessories to provide you with detailed, star-rated reviews.
You Just Got a Dedicated GPS Device or Smartphone... Now What?
Whether you've just got a dedicated in-car GPS, a handheld receiver, or a GPS- enabled smartphone, a few simple preparation and setup steps will help you get  ...
Best Smartphone GPS Apps for Vacation - GPS Reviews - About.com
A GPS-enabled smartphone is great for helping you make the most of your vacation time. Try these apps and sites.
USGA Smartphone Golf GPS Ban - GPS Reviews - About.com
The 2012 Rules of Golf prohibit smartphone apps that include weather, compass, and web browsers, effectively banning them from the course. Your thoughts?
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