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VZ Navigator Mobile GPS Software Review - Smartphones - About ...
I took Verizon's VZ Navigator GPS software for a test drive to see how it compares . My verdict? The small screen of a smartphone will never fully replace a GPS ...
GPS: Smartphone vs. Dedicated Car (PND)
Should you go with a smartphone GPS for turn-by-turn car navigation, or a dedicated GPS (PND) such as a Garmin or TomTom? Five factors to help you decide.
Smartphone Plus Car GPS Navigation - About.com
Which is better for navigation - a smartphone, or a dedicated car GPS? How about both!
GPS Reviews: Smartphone, iPad, Car, Handheld & Fitness
We road test, field test, and work out with the latest GPS receivers and smartphone apps and accessories to provide you with detailed, star-rated reviews.
Navigating With Smartphone and Car GPS - About.com
With sales of smartphones, such as the iPhone, and Android operating system phones still growing briskly, and with dedicated car GPS sales waning, you might  ...
Golf GPS Apps - Reviews of Golf GPS Apps for Smartphones
Read reviews and ratings of golf GPS apps for smartphones and mobile devices, or add your own review of a download you've tried.
Latest Smartphone GPS Apps, iPhone, RIM, Palm, G1 - About.com
Smartphones are more useful than ever, thanks to a growing list of GPS-driven location-based-services. Find out more about the latest GPS ulility for ...
You Just Got a Dedicated GPS Device or Smartphone... Now What?
You've just received a dedicated GPS device or smartphone as a gift. Here's how to make the most of your new device and follow best setup procedures.
Select the Right iPhone, Android GPS App For Your Needs
Guide to smartphone GPS navigation apps - Navigon. Turn-by-turn GPS navigation apps for smartphones just keep getting better. Navigon. There are dozens of ...
Best Phone GPS for Navigation and Tracking - About.com
Most mobile phones made today include built-in GPS chips. These open up access to many location-based services. Smartphones such as the Apple iPhone,  ...
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