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Jailbreak iPhone - What Does It Mean? - Smartphones - About.com
Jailbreaking your iPhone is a way of freeing it from the limitations imposed on it by AT&T and Apple. Find out why this is a risky idea.
How to Restore an iPhone - Tutorial With Pictures - Smartphones
Restoring your iPhone to its original factory settings is a way to repair any damages you've done to the phone by downloading unauthorized software. It's not ...
Apple iPhone Basics and Features - iPhone/iPod - About.com
The iPhone 4 and its predecessors are more than just fancy cell phones. With their range of features – from phone to web browser, from iPod to mobile game ...
iPhone Specs, History & Details - iPhone/iPod at About.com
iPhone - The iPhone is Apple's first Internet-enabled smartphone. It combines the features of a mobile phone, wireless Internet device, and iPod into one ...
Tips & Tricks for the iPhone and iPod touch - iPhone/iPod - About.com
Learn all about every model of the iPhone and iPod touch, from the original to the latest models, with this collection of how-tos, reviews, and tips/tricks.
iPhone 5C Specs and Features - iPhone/iPod - About.com
Learn all about the features and options of the new lost-cost iPhone, the iPhone 5C, including its multi-colored casing.
iPhone or Android: Which Smartphone Should You Buy?
Sep 24, 2014 ... When you're looking for a new smartphone, choosing an iPhone or Android phone isn't a simple task. While both phones offer a lot of great ...
iTunes, iPod & iPhone Support - iPhone/iPod at About.com
Articles that provides tips and tricks for iPod troubleshooting, iPhone help, and iTunes troubleshooting.
Get More From Your iPhone and iPod With Expert Advice
The iPhone is more than a phone. It's a computer, camera, and game machine that also makes phone calls. We have app reviews, how-tos, and more!
iPhone 4 Hardware Diagram - iPhone/iPod - About.com
This image shows the iPhone 4 from the front and left side. Each button, port, and feature visible in these views is explained here.
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