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Top 4 Touch Screen Phones - About.com Cell Phones
While smartphones are known for having touch screens, many cell phones are also springing up with touch screens, too. This About.com list features our best ...
LG Vu TV Touch Screen Phone (Review) - About.com Cell Phones
While the LG CU920 Vu TV for AT&T is able to call itself a touch screen phone even though it's not a smartphone, it can't compete with the likes of the iPhone 3G  ...
Touch Screen - About.com Cell Phones
A touchscreen is a visual display that acts as an input device, by responding to the touch of a user's fingers, hand, or an input device such as a stylus.
Resistive Touch Screen - About.com Cell Phones
A resistive touchscreen is composed of multiple layers, which are separated by thin spaces. A resistive touchscreen responds when pressure is applied to its ...
What Is a Multi Touch Screen? (Definition) - About.com Cell Phones
Multi-touch technology allows a touchscreen to sense input from two -- or more -- points of contact at the same time. This allows you to use multiple finger ...
LG Xenon Review - Review of LG Xenon Touch Screen Phone for ...
While touch screens are more known to come in the form of smartphones (i.e. handsets with a mobile operating system), so are they found on cell phones, too.
What Is a Capacitive Touch Screen? - Definition
The drawback to a capacitive touchscreen, though, is that it usually cannot be ... Anterior Defined · How to Apply a Screen Protector on Your Phone or Tablet ...
Samsung Impression A877 - About.com Cell Phones
While most touch screen phones typically come in the form of smartphones (i.e. handsets with a mobile operating system), the Samsung Impression A877 bucks  ...
Cell Phones Screens - Cell Phone Display Technology
You may think that all cell phone screens are the same, but that couldn't be further ... Apple's iPhone popularized the concept of touch screens on cell phones.
Touch Screen Phone - LG CU920 Vu TV Touch Screen Phone
This is an image gallery of the LG CU920 Vu TV touch screen phone for AT&T. Read a full LG CU920 Vu TV review here.
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