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Dexim Mhub iPhone Dock and Charging Station

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Dexim Mhub

The Dexim Mhub will charge and sync iPhones, iPods, BlackBerry phones, and more.


The Bottom Line

Dexim's MHub dock station reduces clutter by providing a place to store, charge, and sync your iPhone, BlackBerry, digital camera, iPod -- and more.


  • Charges a variety of devices
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with all of the cables you need
  • Provides extra USB ports for your computer


  • Only iPhones and iPods stand upright in the dock


  • Dexim's Mhub charges a variety of gadgets, including iPhones, iPods, BlackBerry phones, digital cameras, and more.
  • The Mhub also works as a USB hub, providing three additional USB ports for you to use.
  • The Mhub includes an SD card reader, so you can pop a memory card right into it.

Guide Review - Dexim Mhub iPhone Dock and Charging Station

I am constantly fighting the clutter on my desk. That's why I like Dexim's MHub dock station, a handy little accessory that provides a place to store, charge, and sync my iPhone, BlackBerry, digital camera, iPod -- and more.

The $75 package includes one aluminum dock station, which has a slot on top for holding an iPhone or an iPod. It also has three USB ports (which can be very handy if your computer doesn't have enough USB ports to connect all of your devices) and an SD card reader. You also get an AC adapter (so it can be used as charger without connecting the hub to a computer), two mini USB cords, a micro USB cord, and a travel pouch.

Using the MHub is simple: You connect your phone to the hub and then connect the hub to your computer or a wall outlet. It works with a wide range of phones, including the iPhone, many BlackBerry models, and many HTC phones, including the T-Mobile G1.

Only devices with Apple's 30-pin connector (like the iPhone and most iPods) can stand upright in the dock; all other devices have to be connected to the dock via a USB cable. You can use it to charge two (or more) phones at once, but if you're not using the dock to connect an iPhone or an iPod, you will have a lot of cables lying around.

If you live in a multi-phone or multi-device household, you'll appreciate the Dexim Mhub. It's easy to use and helps de-clutter your desk.

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