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Using ringtones or graphic received by a cell phone
Using The Files In Your Cell Phone

Now that we transfered and saved a ringtone in our phone, let's associate it to the main ringer.

(This example uses the Siemens SL56 cell phone with a Windows XP computer. The procedure for other phones may vary but should be quite similar.)

Main menu:

This example: Ringtone settings are usually accessed through the "setup" main menu item.

Other phones: On other phones, there may be a special main menu item for "multimedia" or "sounds".

Ringtones menu:

This example: In the Siemens SL56, there's a sub-menu item for Ringtones.

Other phones: All other phones have a menu item where you can adjust ringtone options.

Assigning to an event:

This example: Most phones, such as the Siemens SL56 here, will let you assign a ringtone to various events such as: calls, received text messages, group calls, and so on. In most cases, it is also possible to assign a ringtone to a specific caller in your phone book -- check your owner's manual for details.


This example: Browse the available ringtones until you find the one you want and press "select".

Other phones: Idem.

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