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How Good Is The LG pm-325? Find Out...


LG pm-325

The LG pm-325

The following technical LG pm-325 review is based on an algorithm that takes a close look at a phone's specifications, it doesn't constitute a live hands-on review. It looks at its strong and weak points so that you make an informed decision.

The Good:

  1. Weight: The LG pm-325 has a smaller than average weight, which is usually perceived as an advantadge. (score: 12/20)
  2. Wireless Data System: Bluetooth-enabled, which is an interesting plus. Bluetooth is not really necessary but may be handy if you want to use a wireless headset or transfer data to or from your (Bluetooth-enabled) laptop, for instance. (score: 7/7)

The Average:

  1. Talk Time: A talk time of 192 minutes. It is about average. (score: 12/20)

The Not-So-Good:

  1. Stand-by Time: A stand-by time of 134,4 hours. This is just basic. (score: 8/20)
  2. Phone Book: It can only store 200 phone book entries. If you have many business contact or friends, this may not be enough for you. (Find phones with more phone book entries) (score: 8/20)
  3. Speakerphone: It does not appear to boast a speakerphone, which could be useful in some situations. (Find phones with a speakerphone) (score: 0/10)
  4. Camera: The VGA built-in camera is minimal. Useful, but you won't win photography contests with it. (score: 3/10)

Overall Score: 50

* Look at these 3 phones. They ranked higher than the LG pm-325:
Sony Ericsson K610im (Score= 137)
Sony Ericsson k610i (Score= 130)
Sony Ericsson V630 (Score= 125)

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** Considering that manufacturers do not always list technical specifications in full, some details may be missing. Therefore, the script that generated that technical analysis may yield non-sense results. If you spot a mistake, shoot me an email and I'll fix it.

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