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LG VX3200 Review Based on a Technical Analysis


LG VX3200

The LG VX3200

This LG VX3200 review is based on a technical analysis of the cell phone's technical specifications, it doesn't constitute an actual hands-on review. It outlines the strong and weak points of the LG VX3200. The strongest points are listed with a (+) sign while the weakest points have a (-) sign before them. This LG VX3200 analysis is generated automatically based on our specifications for that phone and since manufacturers do not always detail technical specifications clearly, some information may be missing.

  • (+) Weight and Size: The LG VX3200 weighs only 3.53 oz. This is rather lighter than average and should make it comfortable to carry around
  • (-) Camera: It doesn't have a camera, which is not necessary but may be convenient or fun and enhance your cellular experience.
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  • (+) Phone Book: It can store 300 phone book entries
  • (+) Built-in Speakerphone: It features a built-in speakerphone, which will prove useful in a car or in other situations where you need to use your hands while talking.
  • (+) Battery Performance: It has a maximum rated standby time of 180 hours and a talk time of 200 minutes, which is above average and should be sufficient for most users.
  • (+) Color Display: The color display's color mode is 65,000 and its resolution is 128 x 128. A color display is nice for surfing the wireless web or viewing pictures and, of course, the larger it is, the better the experience and, the more colors, the better your pictures will look.
  • (+) Analog Roaming: It supports analog roaming. Analog is the older North-American cellular technology, however North-American networks are increasingly converting to large digital-only networks, which makes analog a not-so-useful feature (check coverage maps for your area to discriminate on that aspect).
  • (-) Bluetooth: It is not Bluetooth-enabled. Bluetooth is not really necessary but may be handy if you want to use a wireless headset or exchange data with your (Bluetooth-enabled) laptop, for instance.
  • (-) Infrared: It doesn't have an infrared port. Infrared is convenient, especially if you own a laptop (most laptops are infrared equipped), you can then use your computer to transfer contacts, ringtones or pictures (if the phone supports these functions) to the LG VX3200.
  • (+) Text Messaging: It features a special way of typing text, either a full keyboard or some predictive text entry method such as T9 or iTAP. This is useful if you need to send short messages: it's much faster.
  • (+) Voice Note: It features voice notes . A voice note system is quite useful to make quick notes and reminders while on the road.
  • (-) Free Custom Ringtones: . I don't have enough information on this phone to determine if it accepts free ringtones so you may not be able to add free ringtones, you may be stuck with using your carrier's paid ringtone service. If that is important for you, many other phones allow you to do it yourself and for free, which makes a difference if you're planning on personalizing your phone. To help assess this phone's behavior with ringtones, check out the ringtone compatibility list.
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