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BlackBerry App World Storefront is Live

RIM has officially launched the BlackBerry App World Web storefront.


App World Payment Options

BlackBerry App World Payment Options

Research in Motion

RIM recently had an official launch for the BlackBerry App World Storefront. In addition to browsing and searching for apps, BlackBerry App World users can now:

  • Purchase apps and themes with PayPal, credit cards, or by billing them to their wireless account.
  • Rate items and share items with other BlackBerry users.
  • Edit My World account settings to synchronize apps directly to the BlackBerry.
  • Access purchased applications via the My World page in the BlackBerry storefront on the Web.

RIM also made some changes to the Web interface for App World including allowing you to purchase and download apps directly to your PC, and fixed some search issues on the website. It will be much easier to buy, download, and keep track of all of your app purchases, and will hopefully encourage more developers to sell their apps via App World.

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