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Three Free (and Very Useful) BlackBerry Apps

Three Outstanding Useful Apps That Are Free


Quick Pull

Quick Pull Application options

Steelhorn Software

There are a ton of free BlackBerry Apps out there, but a few stand out for their quality and usefulness. QuickPull, DropBox, and Plug It In are among them: these are all must have apps for your BlackBerry.


If you use shell or skin cases on your BlackBerry that can be difficult to get off, you know how irritating it can be to perform a battery pull. You fight with the case for five minutes only to take five seconds to remove the battery door and battery. QuickPull allows you to perform a battery pull restart without having to fight with your case.

You can find QuickPull in BlackBerry ApP World.


If you have to move files to and from your BlackBerry quickly, DropBox can make your life easy. You can drop files into your DropBox from your PC, or upload them to DropBox from the Web, and then access them from your BlackBerry. If you need to back up any photos from your BlackBerry, just save them to DropBox, and you will be able to access them on the Web or from the DropBox application on your PC. It is much less time consuming to use DropBox for quick file transfers than it is to send them via e-mail, pair your BlackBerry with another Bluetooth device, or connect your BlackBerry to your PC via USB cable.

More information is available on Dropbox.com.

Plug It In

In BlackBerry 6, you cannot see the charge indicator when you are in certain applications. If you spend a lot of time in Twitter or Facebook, or if you chat a lot with BlackBerry Messenger, you may have no idea that your battery is low until it is too late for you to do something about it. Plug It In notifies you when your BlackBerry’s charge falls to a certain level that you choose. It can play an auditory notification, show a pop-up window, and change the color of the LED light to get your attention. If you set the Low battery level % to 30 or 40, that should give you enough time to find somewhere to charge your device, power it down, or shut down the network connections to save battery life.

More information about Plug It In is available online.

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