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Review: Plantronics Voyager Pro+ Bluetooth Headset

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Plantronics Voyager Pro+

Plantronics Voyager Pro+


Plantronics' Voyager line of Bluetooth headsets has always been well regarded. The Voyager Pro, has long held a spot on my list of the best Bluetooth headsets. And now, Plantronics has updated that headset with a new model called the Voyager Pro+, which offers the excellent performance of its predecessor, while also adding some new features, too.

The Voyager Pro+ retains the somewhat bulky design found on the Voyager Pro. It features a long boom mic that sits along your cheek, and a battery pack that sits behind your ear. Getting the headset on securely is a two-hand job, but once it's in your ear, the fit is actually quite comfortably, despite its bulk. It helps that Plantronics offers extra earbuds that allow you to customize the fit.

A small power button sits at the back of the headset, right behind your ear, while two smallish volume buttons sit on the top of the battery pack. I had a bit of trouble with these buttons, as I initially found them too small to locate by feel. I found myself lowering the volume when I hoped to increase it. A call button sits on the side of the earbud, and is quite comfortable to locate by feel.

The Voyager Pro+ is a multipoint headset, so you can connect it with two phones. I paired it with an iPhone 4 and was mostly impressed with its audio quality. Callers could hear me loud and clear, even when I roamed several feet away from my phone. They also reported that most background noise was blocked. I did notice some occasional crackling on my end, but nothing to disturb a call.

New in the Voyager Pro+ is support for A2DP (stereo Bluetooth) streaming, so you can listen to music as well as make calls. It also offers voice alerts, which will let you know when you have an incoming call or when your battery is running low. When paired with an iPhone, the Voyager Pro+ adds a battery meter right on your phone's screen, so you can discern how much power you have left at a quick glance.

In addition, the Voyager Pro+ comes with a year's subscription to Pantronics' Vocalyst service, which lets you send and receive information by voice. When you have your headset call Vocalyst, you can opt to have information, such as news, sports, or weather, read to you. Or you can compose e-mails and Twitter updates, once you've linked those accounts.

Bottom Line

The Plantronics Voyager Pro+ may not be the smallest, sleekest Bluetooth headset around. But it is one of the most comfortable, and it packs it more features than most of the competition.

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