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Broadband Wireless Internet Providers In The United States

Broadband Wireless Internet over cellular networks isn't available everywhere but it's widespread enough to help you a lot with your mobile work. Today, you can connect in New-York City at speeds as fast as 400 kbps or almost 9 to 10 times what a dial-up modem typically gives you. Here is my list of cellular broadband wireless Internet service providers:
Verizon's EV-DO Broadband Wireless Internet Service
When EV-DO wireless Internet service and its speeds of up 300 to 500 kbps or more is not available, Verizon backs it with "National Access", with speeds in the 60-80 kbps range. Starting 2006-2007, an increasing number of cities are being updated with "Revision A" EV-DO, boasting faster upload speeds.
AT&T's EDGE And HSDPA Broadband Wireless Service
AT&T's EDGE service, available almost nationwide, is only capable of typical speeds around 135 Kbps or more than 2 times a dial-up connection. But HSDPA, a faster technologies with speeds around 700 Kbps and bursts of 1.8 Mbps is available in a growing number of areas.
Sprint Power-Vision EV-DO Wireless Internet Service
The Sprint EV-DO service, called "Power-Vision", is offered in the major markets and some smaller markets. Towards the end of 2006, EV-DO "Revision A", with faster speeds, should be available.
Review of Verizon's Broadband Wireless Access by PC Magazine
PC Magazine tried out Verizon's Broadband Wireless Access and says it's the best if you can afford it and live somewhere where EV-DO is available.
PC Magazine's Review of Cingular's EDGE Broadband System
PC Mag says Cingular's EDGE is the slowest of high speed networks but, as of March 2005, was available in many more markets than Verizon's EV-DO.
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