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Choosing The Best Cell Phone

By Russell Ware, About.com Guide to Cell Phones

Cell phones have evolved to a near-science-fiction level. They let you snap pictures, record videos, send and receive emails, play games and listen to hours of music. This makes it even more complicated than ever to choose the right cell phone, especially if you want specific features or if you don't care about the bells and whistles and prefer concentrating only on what a phone should do: calls! The tools, articles and reviews offered here will help you make the right choice.

  1. Understanding Cell Phones
  2. Narrowing Down Your Choices
  3. Making A Final Choice

Understanding Cell Phones

Did you know that your next cell phone won't be compatible with all the carriers? Did you know it may not allow you to transfer your pictures to your PC without paying? Did you know there are cell phones that can make text messaging much easier? Buying a cell phone is complex. Here is what to expect and which pitfalls you should avoid.

Narrowing Down Your Choices

At any given time, there are generally more than 200 cell phones available in the United States and Canada. The tools listed here will simplify your life with "Best of" lists and an automated cell phone chooser. For instance, if you know already that you want to go with a specific carrier, I've got a top 3 list for all major carriers. If you just want the best camera phone, I'll show you which.

Making A Final Choice

Maybe you loved that shiny new phone I suggested for business users. Maybe that feature-rich 5-megapixel cell phone caught your attention, but is it really the best choice for you? This site abounds in hundreds of pages of reviews, technical analysis and comparison tools for most recent cell phones to help you fine tune your selection and make sure you pick the right cell phone.

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