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Free Samsung Ringtones


To get new Free Samsung ringtones on your Samsung cell phone, just follow these 3 steps:

Step #1: Select The Samsung Ringtones That You Would Like to Have On Your Phone

Picky? Take my Ringtones Personality Test that returns your 5 best matching ringtones according to your unique lifestyle and personality. Start right here with the first question:

What motivates you to get our free ringtones?

  • I don't want to pay for ringtones
  • I want something different, unique
  • I wasn't necessarily looking, just ended up here

    Or you can browse directly one of these categories of Free Samsung Ringtones :
    All Our Free Original And Exclusive Ringtone Series, including:

  • Unclassified Ringtones (newest)
  • Techno Ringtones (Wildly popular)
  • Tropical Ringtones (very popular too)
  • Morbid Ringtones
  • Speedy Melodies
  • Far West Melodies (our best ever)
  • Buzz-Tones
  • Ringtones-a-gogo
  • Mid-East Ringtones
  • The New & Improved Jazzy Spring Ringtones
  • Mystery Ringtones

    * All ringtones above are exclusive creations by Martin Plante, our home ringtone artist. Classical Cell Phone Ringtones, including:
  • Vivaldi's Four Seasons (monophonic)
  • Romantic Classical Ringtones (monophonic)
  • Sophisticated Ringtones (monophonic)

    All Our Polyphonic Ringtones

    Step #2: Follow the instructions for Samsung Ringtones:

    Details on Samsung Ringtones:

    Some modern Samsung phones can receive Samsung ringtones by direct wireless internet (WAP) download, but not all of them. A general (yet not absolute) ruleis that GSM Samsung phones are much more ringtone-friendly than CDMA Samsung phones, such as those sold by Sprint PCS and Verizon Wireless. It may becomplex or even impossible to send Samsung ringtones to these phones in a free do-it-yourself manner such as the methods available here. Browse theSamsung ringtones listed above and follow instructions for more on your Samsung phone's ringtone abilities.

    Some rare Samsung phones have the Samsung ringtones composer, which has the following features:
    • Up to 3 octaves
    • 4 note durations, from 1/16 to 1/2
    • A graphical interface representing notes on a scale
    • Notes are obtained by pressing the "next" key then adjusting pitch and duration with the arrow keys.

    Other topics related to Samsung Ringtones

  • For help with Samsung Ringtones, see The Ringtones FAQ.

  • Click here for full instructions on how to program Samsung ringtones in your Cell Phone

    Models covered include Samsung t100, r225, n105, n200 and more.

  • Not all Samsung phones support Samsung Ringtones. Click here to see if your specific phone supports customizable Samsung Ringtones.

  • The free Samsung ringtones offered here are not commercial, they are original creations. Though commercial pop music ringtones are getting rare, when searching the Net, keep in mind that free Samsung ringtones may be found under various names: melodies, ringer tones, tunes or rings or even ringing tones.

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