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Not sure which cell phone or smartphone best suits your needs? You've come to the right place. We've reviewed the latest and greatest mobile phones on the market today to help you find the perfect cell phone for you.
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HTC 8X - Full Review
HTC are well known for creating high quality Android smartphones, but can they do the same with a Windows 8 Phone?

Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 Review
Following on from the incredible Galaxy S3, can the new Galaxy S4 impress us enough to make the upgrade worthwhile?

T-Mobile's Best Smartphones
T-Mobile's best smartphones include a variety of 4G and Android phones.

Smartphones: Winners of the 2010 Reader's Choice Awards
In January 2010, About.com asked readers to nominate their favorite cellphones and apps in six categories: Best Smartphone, Best Budget Smartphone, Best Free iPhone App, Best Paid iPhone App, Best Android App, and Best BlackBerry App. Here are the winners.

Sprint's Best Smartphones
Sprint used to be known for its solid, if less-than-flashy, lineup of phones. But the carriers has shed that staid image in recent years, launching the first available 4G network.

Sprint's HTC EVO 4G: Everything You Need to Know
3G wireless used to be a marquee feature on smartphones, but now, high-speed 3G connections have almost become yesterday's news. That's thanks largely to Sprint, which recently announced the HTC EVO 4G, the first phone to run on the carrier's super-speedy 4G WiMax network.

Dell Streak: The Details About Dell's New Tablet/Smartphone
Dell is calling its new Streak device a hybrid gadget that's part smartphone, part tablet computer. But is it more of a tablet, or more of a smartphone?

The Best Smartphones
Shopping for a smartphone? Consider one of today's best smartphones.

Best Smartphone - Readers Choice Awards 2010 - Best Smartphones
Reader's Choice Awards 2010: About.com's readers nominate their favorite smartphone.

What is the Best Cheap Smartphone - Nominate the Best Budget …
About.com Reader's Choice Awards 2010: Readers pick their favorite budget smartphone.

Best Budget Cell Phone Gift Ideas
Whether you’re seeking the perfect cell phone gift for the holidays or any occasion, this list helps you find some of the best and most unique at prices you can afford.

Budget Cell Phone Gifts for Senior Citizens
Several companies empower seniors by adapting technology to them rather than expecting them to adapt to technology. This article covers cell phones designed for senior citizens.

Best Touch Screen Cell Phones
While cellphones (i.e. with operating systems) are known for having touch screens, many cell phones have them, too. This list features our best touch screen cell phones.

Best Budget Cell Phones Sorted by Carrier
This is a list of our best cheap cell phones sorted by the four major carriers: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

Best Cheap Verizon Wireless Phones for $50 or Less
If you’re a Verizon Wireless customer seeking to replace or upgrade your cell phone, this list highlights some sure bets at budget-friendly prices.

Best Cheap T-Mobile Phones for $50 or Less
If you’re a T-Mobile customer seeking to replace or upgrade your cell phone, this list highlights some sure bets at budget-friendly prices.

Best Cheap AT&T Phones for $50 or Less
If you’re an AT&T customer seeking to replace or upgrade your cell phone, this list highlights some sure bets at budget-friendly prices.

Best Cheap Sprint Phones for $50 or Less
If you’re a Sprint customer seeking to replace or upgrade your cell phone, this list highlights some sure bets at budget-friendly prices.

Best Rugged Cell Phones
Does your line of work require you to sport a rugged cell phone or do you need a heavy-duty cell phone that can stand up to advanced wear and tear? About.com has you covered with this list of our best rugged cell phones.

Best Lightweight Cell Phones
For some, we seek light cell phones to reduce “pocket bulge” and weight carried. We make it easy on the lightweight seekers with this list of our best lightweight cell phones.

Best Slim Cell Phones
If minimizing your “pocket bulge” is one of the most important cell phone factors for you, you’ll appreciate this About.com list of our best slim cell phones.

Best Cell Phones, Worst Cell Phones: 2008 Library of Reviews
Adam Fendelman – your About.com cell phones guide – presents his comprehensive collection of 2008 cell phone reviews ranked from best cell phone all the way down to worst cell phone.

Best Cell Phone Batteries
We all have different criteria when selecting a new cell phone. For some, having the longest-lasting battery is the deal maker or breaker. We’ve done the research for you and present you with our list of the best cell phone batteries.

Best Camera Cell Phones
Not all cell phone cameras are made equal. This About.com list of our best camera phones will help you understand the varying degrees of quality and features.

Best Cell Phones as Rated by About.com
To help you narrow down your search with some well-vetted selections, About.com presents to you its list of our best-rated cell phones.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Cell Phones for Dad
Men love their tech toys. You can spoil dad rotten with cell phones packed with many megapixels or a wide array of Bluetooth accessories to make his life more practical.

User Answer: What’s Your Best Budget Cell Phone?
We’d like to hear from you what you consider to be your best budget cell phone. Share your story so others can learn from you!

College Girls, Boys Rejoice: Cheap Cell Phones For Very Low Budgets
This guide pays homage to the money-conscious college student by recommending cheap cell phones fresh from the handset makers.

CNET's Cell Phone Reviews
It never hurts to take into consideration a second opinion. CNET comprehensively reviews cell phones, too.

LG Expo Review: A Compact Windows Mobile Phone
The LG Expo looks more like a messaging phone than a full-featured Windows Mobile smartphone, but don't be fooled: this phone packs plenty of features into its relatively compact case.

The Best Smartphones from CES 2010
Many smartphone makers used the Consumer Electronics Show to unveil new handsets for 2010. Here's a look at some of the coolest and most noteworthy new phones announced at the show.

Palm Pre Plus Review: A More Polished webOS Phone
If you liked the original Palm Pre, but wished it had more polish, well, then, you'll love the Palm Pre Plus.

Best Smartphone - Readers Choice Awards 2010 - Best Smartphones
Reader's Choice Awards 2010: About.com's readers nominate their favorite smartphone.

Palm Pixi Plus Review: Better, But Not Perfect
If not for the small Verizon logo above the screen, it would be very easy to mistake the Palm Pixi Plus for the original Palm Pixi. These two cellphones share the same slim design and the same sleek feel.

Nokia Surge Review: An Incredibly Affordable Smartphone
Nokia's phones are usually thought of as bland, boring business devices. But not the Nokia Surge: this petite, attractive smartphone packs in plenty of features for both work and play.

2010 Reader's Choice Awards: Best Budget Smartphone
In January 2010, About.com readers nominated the budget cellphones that they thought were the best phones available for less than $100. Below, you'll see pictures of the five nominees. Now it's time to vote for the winner.

2010 Readers Choice Awards: Nominees for Best Smartphone
In January 2010, About.com readers nominated the cellphones that they thought were the best phones available. Below, you'll see pictures of the five nominees.

Meet Google's Nexus One, the First "Superphone"
A Google phone has been rumored for months. Specs have been leaking for weeks. And now it's official: Google has unveiled the Nexus One, the first smartphone that the search company will market and sell.

What is the Best Cheap Smartphone - Nominate the Best Budget …
About.com Reader's Choice Awards 2010: Readers pick their favorite budget smartphone.

Smartphones: Reader's Choice Awards

For the first time, About.com's Computing Channel will be running a coordinated Reader's Choice Award program. During January 2010, you'll be able to nominate your favorite sites, services and innovations in categories ranging from the best IM client and email service to best Web design and Web browser. Then, in February, check back to see if your favorite nominees made the cut, and cast your …

What is the Best Budget Smartphone?
About.com Reader's Choice Awards 2010: Readers pick their favorite budget smartphone.

What is the best smartphone available today?
Reader's Choice Awards 2010: About.com's readers pick their favorite smartphone.

Palm Pixi Review: It's Pretty, but Lacks Power
The Palm Pixi makes a great first impression. This is one of the smallest, lightest, and most attractive cellphones I've ever seen. Its performance, though, doesn't quite live up to the standard set by its elegant design.

Nokia Twist: Cute, or Too Cute?
It's not often that you look at a Nokia phone and think "hey--that's cute!" But the Nokia Twist is not like most Nokia phones.

Nokia E75: A So-So Smartphone
At first glance, the Nokia E75 looks like your average Nokia cell phone: On the front of the phone, you see the small numeric keypad underneath a medium-sized screen. Upon closer inspection, however, you realize that the E75 is in fact a full-featured smartphone in a compact case.

What Is an Unlocked Cell Phone or Smartphone?
An unlocked cell phone is one that is not tied into a certain carrier’s network: It will work with more than one service provider.

Meet the New iPhone 3G S
Critics who (rightfully) derided teh iPhone's low-quality camera, lack of multimedia messaging, and inability to capture video clips are likely to be pleased with the new iPhone 3G S, which addresses many of these flaws.

Find the Best Camera Phone for You
Who says a smartphone can't snap great photos? Check out these models to find the best camera phone for you.

Palm Pre: Everything You Need to Know
Palm's cellphones--and the operating system they run--have legions of fans, but both have been in need of an overhaul for some time now. That overhaul is about to come in the form of the Palm Pre, a slick new touch-screen smartphone, and the webOS, the new smartphone operating system it will run.

Pick the Perfect Smartphone for Your Mom
Why settle for flowers? Make Mother's Day really special for your mom with one of these slick cellphones.

Palm Treo Pro: Polished, but Imperfect
Sprint is selling a new Palm smartphone this week, but it's not the Palm Pre. Sprint has begun selling the Palm Treo Pro, a slick-looking Windows Mobile phone that is packed with business features. But is it the phone for you?

The Latest, Greatest Smartphones from the Mobile World Congress
Photos of the new cellphones announced at the GSMA Mobile World Congress.

The Sleek Nokia E71
Nokia's cellphones are known more for their business capabilities than their good looks. But with the E71, Nokia's image may be changing: This is a serious smartphone that still manages to look good, too.

Profile: Nokia E63 for Work and Play
]Your life isn't all work or all play, so why should your smartphone be designed for one or the other? That's the idea behind the Nokia E63, a smartphone that lets you switch between two home screens: one for work, and one for your personal life.

Nokia N97: Smartphone or Mobile Computer?
Is it a smartphone or a truly tiny mobile computer? That's the question that you may ask after seeing the Nokia N97. Nokia calls this smartphone "a handheld computer," and their description seems pretty accurate, as the N97 is one of the most powerful cellphones yet.

Pick the Perfect Smartphone

Picking the perfect smartphone can be confusing. You have to decide whether you want a touch screen or a full keyboard--or both. You have to know whether you're looking for a phone that will keep you in touch, or a more complex model that can serve as a mobile office. Here's a list of the best cellphones on the market today, sorted by price.

Prices typically are set by the service provi…

The Best Budget Smartphones

A smartphone doesn't have to bust your budget. Here's a list of cellphones that are available for $150 or less. You'll find some of the most popular handsets available today--including the BlackBerry Curve, the Palm Centro, and the Samsung BlackJack--on our list of the best budget cellphones.

Prices typically are set by the service providers, who offer discounts in order to get you t…

Review: The Simple, Affordable Palm Centro
If you took the Palm Treo 800w smartphone and put it in the dryer, it might come out looking like the Palm Centro smartphone for the Verizon Wireless network. The Centro is a petite phone with a petite price--but it lacks some key features.

Treo 800w Puts Wi-Fi and GPS in Your Palm
With all of the buzz surrounding Apple's new iPhone 3G, it easy to overlook a solid contender like the new Palm Treo 800w. But smartphone shoppers--especially those looking for a phone with strong business features--should take note of the Treo 800w, which adds Wi-Fi and GPS.

The Best Android Phones
Android phones are becoming more and more popular. When a href="http://cellphones.about.com/od/softwarereviews/fr/google-android-os-review.htm" Google's Android OS /a first launched, the software was available on a single phone. Today, however, Android is available on dozens of handsets. But not all Android phones are created equal. Here's a...

Best Text Messaging Phones
p Cell phones are great for talking, sure. But they're also great for messaging -- especially text messaging, when you want to fire off a quick note to someone without having to make a phone call. But not all phones handle messaging the same way. Here's a list of today's best text messaging phones. /p p All of these phones include a full...

The Best Budget-Friendly Cell Phones.
Picking a cell phone can be a daunting task, especially if you're trying to save money. After all, today's phones come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and offer a wide range of features...and prices. But don't worry: you don't have to spend a lot to get a lot. If you're looking for an affordable cell phone that's capable of making...

Best Cell Phones
Picking a cell phone can be a daunting task. After all, today's phones come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and offer a wide range of features...and prices. But don't worry: I can help. If you're looking for a cell phone that's capable of making calls, browsing the Web, sending e-mail and text messages, you've come to the right place....

Latest Flip Cell Phones Gallery
Flip phones are convenient: they come with their own built-in carrying case, after all. You just flip the phone closed, and, voila, no accidental key presses and no scratched screens. Flip phones also offer a small, compact case -- the perfect size for slipping in a pocket. And, perhaps best of all, flips phones are often cheap, if not free with a service contract.

CTIA 2010: Hot New Smartphones on Display
CTIA 2010 is history, but, as usual, we saw plenty of new cellphones announced at the annual cell phone trade show. Here are all the details on the hottest new phones on display at CTIA 2010.

CES 2011: Android Phones, Tablets, and More
New Phones and Tablets from CES 2011

The Best Cell Phones and Smartphones
Find out which cell phones, smartphones, and messaging phones are excellent enough to be called today's best.

Mobiledia's Cell Phone Reviews
The cell phone resource site Mobiledia Corp. has a large archive of cell phone reviews.

Cellphonedia.com's Cell Phone Reviews
Cellphonedia.com regularly publishes reviews about the latest cell phones.

LetsTalk.com's Cell Phone Reviews
LetsTalk.com has a large library of expert- and user-submitted cell phone reviews.

PhoneDog.com's Cell Phone Reviews
PhoneDog.com has a large archive of expert cell phone reviews.

The Best Verizon Wireless Smartphones
What are the best smartphones available from Verizon Wireless?

Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 Review
As a flagship device from Samsung, the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, the Galaxy S3 has certainly had its share of headlines. But does this huge phone live up to all the hype? Read our full review to find out.

CNET's Smartphone Reviews
CNET puts popular cellphones to the test. See how they rate the latest models.

Nokia Lumia 920 Review
Full review of Nokia's flagship smartphone, the attractive and feature-packed Lumia 920.

PC World's Cell Phone and Smartphone Reviews
PC World magazine reviews cell phones and cellphones. Read reviews of the latest models and use this chart to see how they compare.

BlackBerry Q10 - Full Review
Full review of the BlackBerry Q10, the second phone from the Canadian company running the new BB 10 operating system.

HTC One SV - Full Review
Can the HTC One SV meet the needs of smartphone users who want a smaller phone?

HTC One - Full Review
With its aluminium body, dual speakers, clever camera tricks and BlinkFeed, the HTC One certainly has plenty to shout about.

The Best Smartphones – September 2013
Monthly round up of our favorite smartphones, cell phones and mobile technology.

Four Exciting Smartphones Coming Soon
A look at four exciting new smartphones due for release before the end of 2013.

HTC One Mini - Full Review
Full review of the HTC One Mini smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 - First Look
A first look at the main differences between the Galaxy S5 and the older Galaxy S4, ahead of our full review of the flagship Samsung phone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 - Full Review
Can the Galaxy S5 please the fans? Or are we all now expecting more aesthetically pleasing phones like the HTC One M8? Read the full review of the S5 and decide for yourself.

Top Four Flip Phones - August 2013
If you are looking for a flip style phone to replace your current cell phone, these four devices offer something for almost everyone.

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