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Top Four Flip Phones - August 2013


Pantech Breeze III

Pantech Breeze III

Photo © Pantech

As much as it might surprise some people, not everyone wants a huge smartphone in their pocket. Flip phones are still popular among many sections of the cell phone buying public, mainly due to their size and relatively simple-to-use design and software. So lets take a look at some of the options available if your next cell phone just has to be flippy.

Samsung Primo

Possibly the most stylish handset in this list, the Primo definitely takes some of its design inspiration from the smartphone market. The elegant metal finish to the case and minimalist form factor makes this a cell phone that anyone should be happy to be seen with. Weighing in at just 85 grams, and with a closed thickness of less than 17mm, the Primo is perfect for small pockets or small hands. The 2.2 inch screen is about average for this style of phone, as are the other specifications. Where the flip phone, and this phone in particular, beat their smartphone cousins hands-down is in battery life. The Primo is allegedly capable of providing 12 hours of talk time from a full charge. The 2MP camera is a little bit of a let-down, but flip phones are not known for having amazing cameras at the best of times.

Kyocera DuraXT

If you are looking for a phone that will stand up to some heavy knocks or falls, which won't stop working at the first sight of any dirt or dust, and will let you make calls whilst you dig the garden or put up drywall, the Kyocera DuraXT could be the phone for you. Designed to be resistant to water, humidity, shock and vibration, this is not your everyday mobile handset. Compared to many modern flip phones, the DuraXT is quite bulky, but needs this extra layer of protection to elevate it above the durability level of the likes of the Primo or Breeze III. Whilst there are several sturdy cell phones available at the moment, the Kyocera has the added bonus of a decent 3.2MP camera, expandable memory thanks to a MicroSD slot and a reported 484 minutes of talk time from a full charge. The 2 inch screen is nothing to write home about, but if you want a sturdy phone which will last more than a few days as you carry out your outdoor pursuits or manual labour, you could do a lot worse than the DuraXT.

Pantech Breeze III

The Pantech Breeze III is specifically designed to be, well, a breeze to use. With a bright screen, streamlined and easy-to-use menus and large keys, you'll find numbers quickly and be able to dial with accuracy. But rather than just create a simple phone, Pantech have added an Advanced mode for those who want a little bit more from their flip phone. In advanced mode, options such as social networking, music and other communication features become available. The Breeze III features voice activation, Bluetooth and a Micro USB port (allowing you to connect your favorite headset or other peripheral). The one major fault of this simple yet deceptively useful phone is the camera. Featuring a very disappointing 1.3MP lens and only basic camera settings, you certainly won't want to be using this handset to photograph anything important in your life.

LG Genesis

If your heart is set on a flip phone, but you still want some of the advanced software and touchscreen capabilities found on modern smartphones, the LG Genesis has got you covered. Boasting not one but two touchscreens (an external 3.5-inch display and an internal 3.2-inch display with a physical QWERTY keyboard), this is definitely not your average flip handset. In fact, even the flip has been flipped, with the hinge located on the longer edge rather than the bottom edge. The Genesis only runs Android 2.2 (Froyo), so you won't get access to all the bells and whistles of the latest versions, but it is still a huge improvement on the operating software found in most flip phones. The downside of having the larger touchscreen and keyboard is the size of this handset. If you like flip phones because they are small, the 4.7in by 2.4in dimensions of this phone may be an issue. Still, a nice attempt at combining flip with touch.

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