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Top 4 Touch Screen Cell Phones

These are our best non-smartphones with touch screens


While smartphones are known for having touch screens (as popularized, for example, by the iPhone 3G), many cell phones are also springing up with touch screens, too.

Smartphones, by the way, have operating systems (such as Windows Mobile) whereas cell phones do not. But which cell phones with touch screens deserve your attention? This About.com list features our best touch screen cell phones.

1. Samsung Impression A877 Touch Screen Cell Phone (AT&T)

Samsung Impression A877
Image © Samsung
In addition to being a touch screen cell phone, this AT&T handset features a bright LED display, 3D sound and advanced speech recognition. It’s heavy, though, and has an underwhelming battery.

2. LG Xenon Touch Screen Cell Phone (AT&T)

LG Xenon
Image © LG
The full-keyboard LG Xenon stands out as one of the few touch screen cell phones without a mobile operating system. The handset also differentiates itself by being relatively lightweight.

3. LG CU920 Vu TV Touch Screen Cell Phone (AT&T)

LG CU920 Vu TV
Image © LG
If you want smartphone-like features (such as a touch screen) without actually springing for the complexity of one, the LG CU920 Vu TV could be the hidden gem for you.

4. AT&T Quickfire Touch Screen Cell Phone

AT&T Quickfire
Image © Personal Communications Devices
If you want to fire off text messages quickly, AT&T’s full-keyboard Quickfire with a touch screen is ideal for fast text, picture, video and instant messaging.
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