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Top 6 Cheap Verizon Wireless Phones for $50 or Less

This list features the best, budget-friendly Verizon Wireless cell phones


If you’re a Verizon Wireless customer seeking to replace or upgrade your cell phone, this list highlights some sure bets at budget-friendly prices. Just because these are cheap Verizon Wireless phones, though, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or features.

These budget phones have most of what you’ll need and some even pack a standout feature. All cell phones on this list are priced at $50 or less with a two-year contract and mail-in rebates applied.

We also have a list of best budget phones by carrier or you can jump straight to cheap phones at AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile.

1. LG enV 2: Advanced Messaging

LG enV 2
Image © LG
Following the popularity of the LG enV, LG strikes back with three primary upgrades in its budget-friendly LG enV 2 sequel for Verizon Wireless: it’s “smaller, slimmer and sleeker”.

2. MOTO VU204: Budget-Friendly Simplicity

Image © Motorola
While there isn’t one standout feature found in the budget-friendly MOTO VU204, it’s designed to be a low-cost phone with most of the features needed by a basic user.

3. Motorola Rapture VU30: External Touch

Motorola Rapture VU30
Image © Motorola
With all the rage today for touch screen phones (as popularized by the powerful iPhone 3G), the next best thing for a handset to do when it doesn’t have one internally is to feature a touch-sensitive external display. The budget-friendly Motorola Rapture VU30 does.

4. Motorola Adventure V750: Military Grade

Motorola Adventure V750
Image © Motorola
Give the Motorola Adventure V750 all the wear and tear you want, Motorola says, because this military-grade flip phone will be able to take much of it.

With similarities to the rugged Motorola Tundra VA76r, the budget-friendly Motorola Adventure V750 also stands out with its extra-loud speaker for combating busy streets.

5. Samsung Smooth: Low-Cost Basic Phone

Samsung Smooth
Image © Samsung
The budget-friendly Samsung Smooth is a basic cell phone with enough features to get the job done for tweens, teens and parents alike. The Samsung Smooth flip phone is designed around simplicity and does not offer a standout feature.

6. Samsung Intensity: Full Keyboard

Samsung Intensity
Image © Samsung
The budget-friendly Samsung Intensity is designed to be a a text messenger’s dream. Featuring a full, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the handset offers mobile instant messaging (IM) as well as threaded messaging so you can text in a conversation-like format.
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