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My Best Cell Phone: A Smartphone


Based on your answers to our cell phone chooser quiz, you need a smartphone. But you don't require -- or want -- the latest-and-greatest smartphone. You want a straightforward smartphone that will allow you to make calls, surf the Web, download apps, and get a little work done.

The good news is that there are more smartphones available today than ever before. And the even better news is that these smartphones cost less than ever. You don't have to pay $100 for a lot of them, with many devices coming in at much less than that. And many of them still offer the latest-and-greatest features, including 4G support.

Here are several smartphones that will meet your needs:

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BlackBerry Torch

BlackBerry Torch

The BlackBerry Torch is more than just the latest and greatest BlackBerry phone. It's also the first BlackBerry to successfully offer both a touch screen and a full QWERTY keyboard. In addition, it runs the handsomely redesigned version 6 of the BlackBerry OS.

Google Nexus S

Google Nexus S Android Phone

All Android phones have strong ties to Google, but Google's Nexus line of smartphones boasts an even tighter bond. That means the Nexus phones are the first to get access to Android updates, and always have the latest Android apps.

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HP Pre 3

HP Pre 3

When HP bought Palm, no one really knew what would become of the Pre line of smartphones. Luckily, these slick smartphones lived to see another day with the introduction of the HP-branded Pre 3, a slider-style phone that runs an upgraded version of webOS.

HTC Arrive

Devices running Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 software haven't exactly made waves in the smartphone world. But that doesn't mean you should rule one out. The HTC Arrive, for example, is a feature-packed phone that offers easy access to a mobile version of Microsoft Office. It's available from Sprint.

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The HTC EVO 4G was the first 4G phone available in the U.S., and its support of Sprint's high-speed 4G network certainly was its headline feature at launch. But this phone also offers a big, bright screen, an excellent camera, and more.

HTC EVO Shift 4G

HTC EVO Shift 4G

Like the idea of the HTC EVO 4G, but hate the thought of going without a hardware-based QWERTY keyboard? Meet the HTC EVO Shift 4G: this could be the perfect phone for you.

LG Optimus S/T/V

LG Optimus V
Virgin Mobile

An Android phone doesn't have to be a big, complex, expensive device. The LG Optimus, available in varying versions from Sprint, T-Mobile, and Virgin Mobile, is none of those things. Instead, it's simple to use, easy to slip on a pocket, and surprisingly affordable.

Motorola Droid 2

Droid 2

The first Motorola Droid really brought Android to the masses. Now, there's its follow-up: the Droid 2, offering a 1-GHz processor, an improved keyboard, and mobile hotspot capability. It's available from Verizon Wireless.

Samsung Fascinate

Samsung Fascinate
Verizon Wireless

Samsung made a splash with its Galaxy S line of Android phones, and one of the best received was the Fascinate. With its lean profile, big, bright Super AMOLED screen, and Verizon's backing, the Fascinate remains an excellent option.

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G

T-Mobile's Sidekick has long been an excellent messaging phone, boasting one of the best keyboards around. But in its latest version, it's gotten an upgrade to a full-blown smartphone, running the Android OS. It even features support for T-Mobile's 4G network.

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