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iPhone Comes to Verizon: What You Need to Know



Apple's iPhone 4.


At long last, Apple's iPhone is coming to a carrier other than AT&T. As had been widely expected -- and rumored for years -- Verizon Wireless will begin selling the iPhone 4. Verizon's version of the iPhone 4 is nearly identical to the version of the phone offered by AT&T, but there are a few key differences. Here are all the details about Verizon's iPhone.

When Will It Be Available?

Verizon will begin selling the iPhone on February 10, 2011. The iPhone will be available in stores and online, and Verizon will begin accepting pre-orders on February 3.

How Much Will the Verizon iPhone Cost?

Verizon will offer two versions of the iPhone 4. The model with 16GB of storage will cost $199, while the 32GB model will cost $299. Both of those prices require that you sign a new two-year service contract, and are the same prices charged by AT&T.

What About the Data Plans?

AT&T offers two iPhone data plans: $15 per month for 200MB of data, or $25 per month for 2GB of data. The carrier used to offer an unlimited data plan, but no longer offers one to new subscribers. Verizon Wireless does offer unlimited data, though, and charges $30 a month for the plan, which includes unlimited e-mail and Web use. Verizon has not yet confirmed whether that unlimited data plan will be offered to new iPhone 4 users.

Will the iPhone 4 Work on Verizon's 4G Network?

No. Verizon's iPhone 4 is not a 4G phone and will not run on the carrier's recently-launched 4G LTE network. The iPhone 4 will run on Verizon's 3G network, though.

Will My AT&T iPhone 4 Work With Verizon Service?

No. AT&T's network is based on GSM technology, while Verizon's network uses CDMA. That means that the innards of the AT&T iPhone 4 differ from the innards of the Verizon iPhone 4. If you're an AT&T iPhone 4 user who is looking to make the move to Verizon, you'll have to purchase a new phone.

What Advantage Does AT&T's Network Have?

AT&T's network features UMTS technology, which allows smartphone users to take advantage of their phone's data and voice capabilities at the same time. That means you can check e-mail or surf the Web while you're on a phone call. Verizon's network does not allow this capability, so you'd have to disconnect a call in order to check incoming messages or visit a Web page.

AT&T's iPhone 4 also is a better fit for international travelers, as GSM networks are more common in other countries. Verizon's CDMA-based iPhone 4 may not work when you're overseas, depending on where you travel.

What Advantages Does Verizon's iPhone 4 Have?

Verizon's iPhone 4 can act as a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing you to take its Internet connection and turn that into a wireless hotspot, which can be used to connect up to five devices to the Internet. This feature is included in Verizon's unlimited monthly data plan. AT&T's iPhone 4, meanwhile, only offers tethering, which allows you to use the phone as a modem to connect one device to the Internet. Tethering is not included in either of AT&T's data plans; instead you have to purchase a $20-per-month add-on to your data plan.

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