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The LG tg300


LG tg300

The LG tg300


The LG tg300 has Bluetooth and a hands-free speaker. Look here for various shopping and tweaking tips about this phone.

Wanted! Owners of the LG tg300
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Quotes from the comments added to the LG tg300 user review page:

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    * My system to determine LG tg300 ringtones compatibility linked above uses common knowledge on LG phones to evaluate your chance of getting free LG tg300 ringtones, but it is not absolutely accurate.

    LG tg300 Specifications And Features

     • Weight: 3.52 ounces
     • Dimensions: 3.58 x 1.90 x 0.94
       * View the latest small and lightweight cell phones
     • Form Factor: Flip
     • Frequency Band(s): 850,1800,1900,900

     • Cellular System: GSM
     • Downloadable Applications Format: J2ME
       * View the latest PDA phones

    Telephony Features:
     • Built-in Speakerphone: yes
     • Push-to-Talk: yes

     • Phone Book Entries: variable
     • Internal Memory: unknown

     •  (65,000)
     • Display Technology: CSTN
     • Display Resolution: 128 x 160
     • Includes An External Display?: yes
     • External Display Resolution: 96 x 64

     • Custom Ringtones: may not be free
       * View the latest phones that allow free ringtones
     • Polyphonic Ringtone Chords: 64-Chord
     • Custom Graphics: wallpaper
     • Polyphonic Ringtones: yes

     • Bluetooth: yes
       * View the latest Bluetooth phones
     • wap: WAP 2.0
     • Wireless Data Protocol: GPRS

     • Included Games: yes

    Photos And Video:
     • Camera: VGA
       * View the latest Camera phones
     • Camera flash: yes
     • Video Recorder: yes


     • SMS: yes
     • MMS: yes
     • EMS: yes
     • Picture messaging: yes



    Battery Performance:
     • Stand-by Time:250 hours
     • Talk Time:unknown minutes
     • Battery Power: unknown

    Other Features:

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    ** These LG tg300 specifications can not be guaranteed accurate. Before buying a phone, please double check the availability of any feature that is important to you on the manufacturer's web site.

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