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Mobile Web Tips for Cell Phones

The mobile Web is different than the traditional Internet. Here's everything you need to know about surfing the Web while on the go from your cell phone.

Report: ‘Mobile Web is Ramping Up Faster Than Any Platform Before It’
The Mobile Internet could prove to be bigger than the Internet itself, according to a Dec. 2009 study from Morgan Stanley.

Text Messaging Tips That Avoid Mobile Web
This list of text messaging tips helps you maximize what texting can do for you without having to pay extra for Web data usage.

Have You Ever Had a Mobile Security Issue?
Has your cell phone security ever been threatened? Are you concerned with mobile phone security in general or no? Share your very own mobile security story today!

Mobile Security: Can You Trust Your Bank Account to Your Phone’s Mobile Web?
The concept of mobile security and that the same computer viruses can infect our mobile phones isn't one that crosses our minds nearly as often as it should.

Invaluable Collection of Mobile Web Links at PDAMobileWeb.com
PDAMobileWeb.com is an invaluable collection of links to various mobile Web-formatted sites.

Google Search, Gmail, Maps at Google Mobile
Google Mobile offers Google's Gmail, search, maps and more specifically formated for viewing on mobile phones.

W3C's Mobile Web Initiative
The goal of the W3C's mobile Web initiative is to make browsing the Web from mobile devices a reality.

Fast-Loading Web Browser at Opera Mobile
Opera Mobile is a quality, fast-rendering Web browser for mobile phones.

Mobile News, Views at the Official Google Mobile Blog
The official Google Mobile blog is updated on a semi-regular basis.

Surfing the Web at 3G Speeds
All cellphones can surf the Web, but not all can do so at the same speed. Here's what you need to know to make sure your smartphone is in the fast lane.

CNET's Quick Guide to 3G Phone Service
CNET offers an overview of the various types of high-speed 3G data services for your smartphone.

PC World's Guide to Mobile Broadband
PC World's guide, which is aimed at business users, offers a detailed explanation of the different types of 3G data service.

InformationWeek's Smartphone Browser Shootout
This article offers a comprehensive comparison of the Web browsers available for the different smartphone operating systems.

OSNews.com's Introduction to Phone Browsers
This site takes a look at some of the most popular smartphone browsers available today, and explains the differences between them.

Checking Your Wi-Fi and 4G Speeds
Check up on the Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connection speed you are getting on your phone, anywhere and any time.

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