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All The Motorola Cell Phones


Motorola Cell Phones are American and Motorola tends to focus mostly on low-cost and feature-rich phones. Motorola Cell Phones generally allow users to customize ringtones and graphics for free and easily. When shopping for Motorola Cell Phones, make sure the battery is replaceable (some past models were meant to last just about a year or so) and compare the model you're looking at with other Motorola Cell Phones since the features vary substantially.

Choosing the right handset among Motorola Cell Phones can be tricky. The best way to go is to take my Cell phone chooser test. It asks you 20 important questions and looks at all Motorola Cell Phones and the phones of other manufacturers currently on the U.S. and Canadian markets and returns your five best cell phones.

. However, if you know which Motorola phone you are looking for, then check out the full list below for links to Motorola Cell Phones specifications, technical reviews, user reviews, pictures and more.

Links and resources for Motorola Cell Phones

Reviews of Motorola cell phones
Phone Number: 1-800-331-6456
E-mail: http://motorola.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/motorola/people
Motorola Cell Phones Homepage: http://commerce.motorola.com/consumer/QWhtml/phone_comp.html

Looking for your Owner's Manual: Click Here

* This is the main link for Motorola manuals. Just select your 1-800-331-6456 from the list!
Here are the technical specifications of the latest Motorola phones added to my database:

Newest Motorola Phones are shown first. For an alphabetical list of Motorola Cell Phones, please see the A to Z lists. Motorola v195s - that weighs 3.6 ounces.
Motorola v325i - A GSM,CDMA phone that weighs 4.05 ounces.
Motorola v361 - A iDEN,GSM phone that weighs 3.6 ounces.
Motorola MOTORIZR Z3 - GSM
Motorola v3c - CDMA
Boost Mobile i885 - iDEN
Boost Mobile i855 - iDEN
Boost Mobile i835 - iDEN
Motorola E6 - GSM
Motorola v197 - GSM

Wondering which of Motorola Cell Phones would suit you well? Why don't you take my Cellular Shopping Test, it unveils your 5 ideal cell phones. 

Below are some older Motorola Cell Phones: 

Motorola ic502 - iDEN,CDMA
Motorola i670 - iDEN
Motorola i880 - iDEN
Motorola i615 - iDEN
Motorola v365 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola v365 - GSM,GPRS
Boost i875 - iDEN
Motorola RAZR V3e - GSM
Motorola RAZR V3t - GSM
Motorola MING - GSM,GPRS
Motorola V177 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola i875 - iDEN
Motorola V323 - CDMA
Motorola i450 - iDEN
Motorola i415 - iDEN
Motorola w315 - CDMA
Motorola KRZR K1m - CDMA
Motorola RAZR v3m - CDMA
Motorola RAZR MAXX - GSM
Motorola V3xx - GSM
Motorola KRZR K1 - GSM
Motorola RIZR - GSM
Motorola W375 - GSM
Motorola W208 - GSM
Motorola W220 - GSM
Motorola V195 - GSM
Motorola A1200 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola v195 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola i670 - iDEN
Motorola i580 - iDEN
Motorola v170 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola c290 - CDMA
Motorola e816 - CDMA
Motorola i920 - iDEN,GSM
Motorola V276 - CDMA
Motorola M800 - CDMA
Motorola M900 - GPRS
Motorola i560 - iDEN
Motorola i870 - iDEN
Motorola Pebl - GSM,GPRS
Motorola E1060 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola V535 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola V547 - GPRS
Motorola A780 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola C975 - GSM,GPRS,WCDMA
Motorola C257 - GPRS
Motorola C168 - GPRS
Motorola C139 - GSM
Motorola C118 - GSM
Motorola C113a - GSM
Motorola C113 - GSM
Motorola C390 - GPRS
Motorola E680i - GSM,GPRS
Motorola V560 - GPRS
Motorola L6 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola L2 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola V235 - GPRS
Motorola V230 - GPRS
Motorola V176 - GPRS
Motorola E378i - GSM
Motorola A668 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola ROKR E2 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola A910 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola A728 - GPRS
Motorola A732 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola Q - GSM
Motorola E895 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola RAZR V3x - GSM
Motorola E1070 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola PEBL U6 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola A1010 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola V1050 - GSM,CDMA
Motorola C261 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola V878 - GPRS
Motorola V325 - CDMA
Motorola A1000 - GPRS,CDMA,WCDMA
Motorola i930 - iDEN,GSM
Motorola V620 - GPRS
Motorola SLVR - GSM,GPRS
Motorola V360 - GSM,GPRS
Motorola Razr V3C - CDMA
Motorola PEBL - GSM,GPRS
Motorola V260 - CDMA
Motorola V190 - GSM
Motorola T725 - GSM
Motorola V557 - ,
Motorola C155 - GSM,GPRS

This page on Motorola Cell Phones mostly sticks to cell phones available in North-America. The full line of Motorola Cell Phones is much larger than the handsets seen here. Also, this list only contains the latest Motorola Cell Phones. If the Motorola phone you are looking for is old, we may have information about it even if it's not listed here. Please use the search box at the top of this page. The same logic applies if you are looking for Motorola phones that are very recent. I probably already have a page about it but it may not be listed yet on this page so please use the search box.

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