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Motorola Cell Phones Page

Motorola Cell Phones are American and Motorola tends to focus mostly on low-cost and feature-rich phones. Motorola Cell Phones generally allow users to customize ringtones and graphics for free and easily. When shopping for Motorola Cell Phones, make sure the battery is replaceable (some past models were meant to last just about a year or so) and compare the model you're looking at with other Motorola Cell Phones since the features vary substantially.

Links and resources for Motorola Cell Phones

Reviews of /od/motorolareviews/index.htm cell phones
Phone Number: 1-800-331-6456
E-mail: http://motorola.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/motorola/people
Motorola Cell Phones Homepage: http://commerce.motorola.com/consumer/QWhtml/phone_comp.html

Here are the technical specifications of the latest Motorola Cell Phones added to my database:

PictureMotorola Cell Phones NamesMore information
Motorola MPx220 A ,GSM,GPRS phone that weighs 3.88 oz (110g).
Motorola v60v A ,CDMA phone that weighs 4.5 oz.
Motorola a845 A ,GSM,GPRS,CDMA,WCDMA phone that weighs 5.6 ounces.
Motorola v710 A ,CDMA phone that weighs 4.4 oz.
Motorola v180 A GSM/GPRS phone that weighs 2.83 Ounces.
Motorola i860 that weighs with Included Battery Phone Dimensions (h x w x d).
Motorola i325 A iDEN phone that weighs 7.02 oz. Notable difference with previous Motorola Cell Phones: MOTOTalk Off-network Walkie- Talkie
Motorola i315 A iDEN phone that weighs 6.95 oz (197g).
Motorola v505 A ,GSM,GPRS phone that weighs 4.3 ounces.
Motorola V80 A ,GSM,GPRS phone that weighs 3.53. Notable difference with previous Motorola Cell Phones: diyrt,small

Wondering which of Motorola Cell Phones would suit you well? Why don't you take my Cellular Shopping Test, it unveils your 5 ideal cell phones.

Below are some older Motorola Cell Phones:

Motorola Cell Phones NamesMore information
Motorola v220 A ,GSM,GPRS phone that weighs 3.70.
Motorola c650 A ,GSM,GPRS phone that weighs 3.23.
Motorola i830 A iDEN phone that weighs 3.6 oz with Standard Battery.
Motorola V600 A GPRS phone that weighs 4.4 oz.. Notable difference with previous Motorola Cell Phones: diyrt
Motorola V60s CDMA
Motorola i205 iDEN
Motorola v60x A CDMA phone that weighs 3.9 oz..
Motorola V400 GSM/GPRS
Motorola i530 iDEN
Motorola i305 iDEN
Motorola v300 GSM/GPRS
Motorola C353 TDMA
Motorola C343 CDMA/1xRTT
Motorola i730 iDEN
Motorola MPx200 GPRS
Motorola T730 CDMA
Motorola T731 CDMA
Motorola T721 GSM
Motorola 120t GPRS
Motorola v60p CDMA
Motorola v60gi GPRS
Motorola C350g GSM/GPRS
Motorola i35s IDEN, TDMA
Motorola i30sx IDEN/TDMA
Motorola i60c IDEN/TDMA
Motorola i88s IDEN/TDMA
Motorola i58sr IDEN TDMA
Motorola i95cl TDMA/iDEN
Motorola C330 series GSM/GPRS
Motorola C332 GSM/GPRS
Motorola T720i with camera GSM
Motorola T720i GSM
Motorola T720 GSM
Motorola v60i CDMA
Motorola v70 GSM, GPRS
Motorola T193m GSM, GPRS
Motorola Timeport 270c CDMA
Motorola v2397 TDMA
Motorola v60t TDMA
Motorola v200 CDMA
Motorola i80s iDEN
Motorola v60g GSM/GPRS
Motorola v66 GSM/GPRS
Motorola Timeport p280 GSM/GPRS
Motorola v60c CDMA
Motorola i90c iDEN
Motorola v3682 GSM
Motorola T193 GSM
Motorola v101 GSM
Motorola v120c CDMA
Motorola Timeport P8767 CDMA
Motorola v100 GSM
Motorola StarTAC ST7860W
Motorola i700plus iDEN
Motorola v2297 TDMA
Motorola V2290 TDMA
Motorola v2282 GSM
Motorola Timeport p7389 GSM
Motorola Timeport L7089 GSM
Motorola Timeport L7082 GSM
Motorola V2260 CDMA
Motorola V8162 CDMA
Motorola V8160 CDMA
Motorola Timeport P8097 TDMA
Motorola Timeport P8090 TDMA
Motorola Talkabout T8167 CDMA
Motorola Talkabout T8160 CDMA
Motorola StarTAC ST7868W GSM
Motorola i85s iDEN
Motorola i550plus iDEN
Motorola i2000plus GSM and iDEN

This page on Motorola Cell Phones cell phones only lists cell phones available in North-America. The full line of Motorola Cell Phones cell phones may be much larger than the handsets seen here.

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