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HTC Surround (AT&T)


HTC Surround

The HTC Surround features a kickstand and slide-out speakers.


AT&T also will offer the HTC Surround in the U.S. (This phone also will be available from Telus in Canada, where it will be called the HTC 7 Surround.) Like other Windows Phone 7 handsets, the HTC Surround features a 1-GHz processor and a 5-megapixel camera.

But what the HTC Surround offers that its Windows Phone 7 siblings lack is its audio focus. The phone features Dolby Mobile/SRS speakers that slide out above the display for better sound quality. It also features an integrated kickstand and a3.8-inch touch screen.

The HTC Surround will be available from AT&T in mid-November for $199.99 when you sign a new two-year service contract.

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