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All Cell Phones Sorted By Manufacturers

Links to each major cell phone manufacturer and a list of their cell phones.
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Audiovox Cell Phones
Audiovox cell phones are sold mainly in the Americas and are generally manufactured by other electronics manufacturers such as Toshiba and others.
Finish GSM phone maker that specializes in multifunction phones that it rather calls "Communication Instruments".
Kyocera Cell Phones
Formerly Qualcomm. Makers of mainly CDMA cell phones
LG Cell Phones
Fast-growing Korean Manufacturer. The division that makes cell phones is called LG Electronics. Specializing mainly in clamshell cell phones.
Motorola Cell Phones
The largest American manufacturer of cell phones
Cell phones are certainly not NEC's main activity but they make a small line of interesting phones.
Nokia Cell Phones
The world's largest cell phone maker, with a market share over 30%. Nokia cell phones enjoy a good reputation among fans of cell phone personalization.
Panasonic Cell Phones
Panasonic phones are rare in North-America but fairly popular in Europe.
A strictly Europe & Asia cell phone company. Since Philips doesn't have a specific web site that I know about their cell phones, I'm linking to GSMarena, which has a page about Philips phone. Please let me know if you find an official page for Philips phones.
French maker of GSM cell phones.
Samsung Cell Phones
Samsung is one of the largest cell phone manufacturers.
Sanyo Cell Phones
Sanyo USA's PCS and cell phones
Siemens Cell Phones
The German mega-company also makes pretty good cell phones sold worldwide.
Sony Ericsson Cell Phones
Ericsson and Sony's cell phone divisions merged in 2001 to form the Sony Ericsson cell phones company.
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