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Five Great Things You Can Do With a Text Message For Free


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Receive Free Weather Forecasts By Text Message (SMS)

Weather forecasts are probably the kind of search that best fits text messaging: It's quick and straightforward. I like to save myself a text message template with "weather 10018" (naturally, you would use your own zip code) then query various weather services in a row to get a series of forecasts and make up my own mind based on all these "text message weathermen."

Service Name: The Weather Channel
Text to this number: 42278 ("4CAST")
Since The Weather Channel only offers weather forecasts, there is no need to start your query with "W" or "Weather". Just send a city name or zip code. 4CAST also offers boating forecasts. Just type "sea" and the closest city and get a special forecast with wind direction and speed, wave height and even the water temperature. You can even get pollen levels by typing "pollen" first, or the current conditions with "curr" -- which is helpful for people like me who never know what to wear before going outside.

Service Name: 4info, Google or Yahoo
Text to this number: 44636 ("4INFO"), 46645 ("GOOGL") or 92466 for Yahoo!
These general information services accept most types of weather queries you can think of, including: "W 10018", "Weather 10018" or even "Weather Manhattan".

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