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Five Great Things You Can Do With a Text Message For Free


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Get Free 411 Directory Assistance By Text Message (SMS)

Cell phone directory assistance (411) fees are outrageous. Most carriers don't hesitate to charge between 99 cents and $1.75 for this service. But why pay anything if you can get it for free by text message? Of course, if you don't have unlimited text messaging, then you might end up paying 15 cents to send a query and 15 cents to get the result but that's still less expensive than dialing 411.

Service Name: 411SMS
Text to this number: 87411 ("US411")
Just search for "John Doe chicago IL". 411sms accepts business and residential listings.

Service Name: 1-888-FREE-411
Text to this number: Not accessible by text message The Free-411 service is not purely a text message service but it's even better since you can use it simply by dialing a toll-free number. You can listen to the result over the phone or ask to have it sent to you by text message. Of course there is a catch: You need to listen to an ad or two. But that's still better than paying outrageous 411 fees.

Service Name: Google SMS
Text to this number: 46645 ("GOOGL")
Google will also return phone numbers when queried with a person or business name, a city and a state. (By the way, Google also offers a toll-free 411 service at 1-800-GOOG-411.)

With that many options, there is no excuse to pay for directory assistance when you can get it for free.

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