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How To Transfer Pictures, Videos Or Sounds To Your PC Using A Memory Card


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Inserting the memory card
Inserting the memory card
Eric Bernatchez

First locate the memory card expansion slot on your cell phone. It is usually beneath a small door with the card format logo on it. But other cell phones, especially slimmer handsets, hide the memory card slot under the battery cover.

Memory cards only have one correct side. Never force or bend your memory card as they should be inserted without any effort other than a light push from the tip of your finger. Most cell phone memory card readers are "hot-swappable", which means that cards can be inserted and removed while the cell phone is turned on. However, before proceeding, check your owner's manual and make sure that this is the case for your specific cell phone and, if so, turn off your cell phone before inserting a memory card.

Insert the card printed face up. When it faces some resistance, use the tip of your nail and press slightly more firmly until it "clicks" and locks steadily. Close the protective door.

Your cell phone may or may not prompt you with a message. In most cases, no special message will be displayed but your phone will be ready for you to move files to the memory card.

(Illustration: The Nokia N80.)

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