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How To Transfer Pictures, Videos Or Sounds To Your PC Using A Memory Card


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Moving Files To The Memory Card (Part I)
Moving Files To The Memory Card (Part I)
Eric Bernatchez

The first step is to open the folders, in your cell phone, where the files that you want to transfer are located. It varies from cell phone to cell phone and, in some cases, files may be hard to find. However, here are the most frequent ways to find your media files:

  • Some phones have a "My Stuff" or "My Media" menu item, which includes all your pictures, videos or sounds. (See my illustration)
  • Other phones let you access your pictures or videos directly from the camera. Just press the camera button and select any menu item that reads "Gallery", "My pics" or something similar.
  • Some carriers, such as Verizon Wireless, have a standard menu system for all their phones and media files can be found at odd places, such as within a special carrier-branded menu.

    In the case of the Nokia 6300 shown here, I pressed "Menu", "Gallery", "Images" and selected an image I wanted to transfer. On a Verizon cell phone, I would have retrieved my media files by selecting the "Get it Now" menu and then specific sub-menus like "Pictures & Videos" then "My Pictures" or "My Videos". In most cases, you can also select multiple pictures by pressing the "Options" button and selecting "Mark" or "Mark all".

    (Illustration: The Nokia 6300.)

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