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Protecting And Tweaking Your Cell Phone With Ringtones, Software, Tips, Etc

By Russell Ware, About.com Guide to Cell Phones

Cell phones can do much more than allow you to make and answer calls. From surfing the Internet to making videos to ringtones that suit your personality, here is what every cell phone owner should know.

  1. Download Our Free Ringtones
  2. Download Free Software & Shareware
  3. Just Got A Cell Phone?
  4. Cell Phone Hints & Tips

Download Our Free Ringtones

The cell phones site at About.com has been offering exclusive ringtones for free download since 2001. Downloading a ringtone to your cell phone is a great way to personalize your cell phone. It also helps distinguishing your cell phone ring from others in public places.

Download Free Software & Shareware

Synchronize your cell phone's contact list with your computer's own phone book, update your to-do-list, manage graphics, ringtones... All of this can be done with cell phone software. You can even convert DVD movies to a format viewable on your cell phone! The programs listed here are either freeware or shareware with a free trial period.

Just Got A Cell Phone?

Here is what you should know before you dial your first number.

Cell Phone Hints & Tips

Did you know most cell phones will survive a dip in the water? Did you know your camera phone can be used to create stunning 3D pictures? Here are the best hints, tips and special projects you can accomplishn with your cell phone.

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