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Smartphones: Winners of the 2010 Reader's Choice Awards


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Best Smartphone: HTC Hero from Sprint
HTC Hero

The HTC Hero is available from Sprint.


With an overwhelming 81 percent of the vote, Sprint's HTC Hero won the 2010 About.com Reader's Choice Award for Best Smartphone. It beat out several high-profile rivals to earn the crown, including Apple's iPhone 3GS, the BlackBerry Bold 9700, and the Motorola Droid.

While the HTC Hero may not be as well known as its rivals, its victory is not exactly an upset. This phone can match many of the bigger-name devices feature for feature. When I reviewed it last year, I called it the "best Android phone yet." And even after testing the Motorola Droid and the Nexus One, I'd still call the Hero my favorite Android-based device.

For more information, read my full review of the HTC Hero.

The Runners-Up:

Apple iPhone 3GS: 6%

Motorola Droid: 4%

Nokia N97: 4%

BlackBerry Bold 9700: 2%

(Note: Because poll results are rounded, the voting percentage may not total 100 percent.)

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