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New Cell Phone Reviews

Here are the latest cell phone reviews. Click on a brand below for cell phone reviews written by me or select the Full A to Z list for hundreds of cell phone reviews written by our users on more than 442 phones.
TeleNav For Cell Phones Review
TeleNav is a GPS navigation program for cell phones. Check out what I liked and disliked about it.
VZNavigator Cell Phone GPS Navigation Review
VZNavigator is Verizon Wireless's cell phone based GPS navigator and this is my review. By the way, Alltel's cell phone GPS navigator uses the same basic software as VZNavigator.
A To Z List of All User Cell Phone Reviews (800+ Phones)
Our users write cell phone reviews of their own phone and vote on the main features, which gives you a quick glimpse on a phone's pros and cons, compared to traditional cell phone reviews. I have user-written cell phone reviews for most recent phones as well as cell phones from the year 2005 on.
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