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The Free Ringtones Personality Test
Question #1 (out of 20)

This is question #1 of a ringtones personality test by your About.com guide to cell phones. If you arrived from a search engine, you can take the full ringtones personality test here.

This test will help you determine which ringtone, in our collection of free ringtones, best fits your personality. To answer a question, click on your choice and this will lead you to the next question, and so on. Here is the first question:

Q: What motivates you to get one of the free ringtones on this site?

I don't want to pay for something as simple as ringtones
I'm looking for something different than the usual commercial ringtones
I'm not necessarily looking for free ringtones, I just found this site while searching for ringtones


Factoïd: By the way, did you know that this site only offers free ringtones, absolutely free, unlike other sites where the free ringtones selection is only minimal and only to promote their sold ringtones. So keep doing our ringtone test and enjoy!

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