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Our Really Free Ringtones

Getting free ringtones is not as easy as it used to be. Of course, all the ringtones you will find in this section are free but, carriers often cripple their cell phones to block free ringtones downloads.

Fortunately, there are still a certain number of options to get 100% free ringtones, explained in the pages below. Infrared transfer, Bluetooth, Memory card transfer or USB cable can all allow free ringtone download from a computer to a cell phone. The "Articles & Subjects" section below explains how to get free ringtones for each major cell phone brand.
Ringtone Personality Test: What Are Your "5 BEST" Free Ringtones?
The Fun & Easy way to get our free ringtones is the "ringtone test". It returns your 5 best matches among our free ringtones. Start here:

What Is Your Favorite Music Style?
a) Hip-Hop Or Rap
b) Rock or Alternative
c) TV/Movie Themes
d) Country
e) Heavy Metal
f) Classical Or Oldies
g) Dance Music
h) Jazz Or Blues
Just Browse Our Free Ringtones
Just want to listen to our unique cool free ringtones? Here you go! Or select your ringtones brand below and find free mobile ringtones that work with your phone.
Kyocera Ringtones
Kyocera free ringtones may not be allowed on all handsets, mostly depending on which carrier you bought your Kyocera from.
LG Free Ringtones And Your Options
Whether your LG phone can get free ringtones or not depends mostly on the carrier. Some may put restrictions forbidding you to assign free content to ringtones. But here are the best free ringtones options I know of for LG phones.
Motorola Ringtones
Unless restricted by the carrier, most recent motorola phones will accept free ringtones through a WAP download. Most Motorola cell phones bought before 2002 may accept free ringtones in keypress format.
Free Nokia Ringtones
The most recent Nokia accept free download polyphonic ringtones. A few rare Nokia phones accept Keypress free ringtones. Legacy phones bought before 2002 may accept data cable or special over-the-air free ringtone downloads.
Samsung Ringtones
Free Samsung Ringtones for WAP download. For older models, use the Samsung ringtone composer format to make your own free ring tones.
Sanyo Ringtones
Most Sanyo phones accept free ringtones by WAP download. The first polyphonic free ring tones created here by Martin Plante were even created for a Sanyo cell phone.
Free Sony Ericsson Ringtones
Sony Ericsson cell phones are generally very "open" and will let you download free ringtones from your computer or the Internet using various methods: infrared, Bluetooth, memory card transfer, WAP download, and more.
Free Ringtones for Sprint PCS Phones
Yes it's possible, by wireless Internet download. However, free ringtones don't work with all Sprint PCS phones. Read on for more.
Panasonic Ringtones
Keypress ringtones for the Panasonic melody composer, if your cell phone has it. (This is a legacy format, most phones bought before 2002).
Philips Ringtones
These free Philips ringtones work only on some Philips phones. (legacy format)
Siemens Mobile Melodies
Find free ringtones or read Siemens user's manuals to get instructions on how to change your phone's mobile melodies.
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