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Classical Ballet Ringtones


I recently realized that classical ballet melodies were perfect for ringtones because they are swinging and melodic. Try them out and you will discover melodies that you might already know without knowing that it belonged to the classical ballet repertoire.

Listen to and download these free ringtones:

  • Nutcracker (Listen) (Download it for free)
  • Romeo and Juliet (Listen) (Download it for free)
  • Giselle (Listen) (Download it for free)
  • Sleeping Beauty (Listen) (Download it for free)
  • Swan Lake (Listen) (Download it for free)
  • Have you tried my fun Ringtones Personality Quiz that returns your 5 best matching ringtones according to your unique lifestyle and personality. Try it: the results may surprise you. Start right here with the first question:

    What Is Your Favorite Music Style?

    a) Hip-Hop Or Rap
    b) Rock or Alternative
    c) TV/Movie Themes
    d) Country
    e) Heavy Metal
    f) Classical Or Oldies
    g) Dance Music
    h) Jazz Or Blues
    i) None of the above... I like something else

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