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Ringtone Vendor Review: Free Ringtones at MatrixM?

Deceptive ringtones site exists for the search engines, isn’t what it claims

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Cheap, free ringtones for cell phones
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With a sea of vendors competing for your free or cheap ringtone dollar, which can you actually trust? This ringtone vendor review analyzes MatrixM, which says it boasts a selection of 42,970 ringtones all for free. But does it really?

No. This is a tricky and deceptive Web site.

You might initially be turned off by MatrixM’s Web site design. It does come off looking like one of those computer-generated splash pages without a human behind it.
That’s because the site appears to be catering more to Google, Yahoo! and the other search engines with its skillful search engine optimization (SEO) than the users who drop by seeking immediate-gratification ringtones.

Most concerning, though, is that the site shows you 10 ringtones to download right away, nine polyphonic ringtones and then six monophonic ringtones while its thousands of other alleged “free ringtones” only have pages without ways to actually download them.

This site is designed for the search engines and for the search engines only and is supported by ads to be clicked on by the users it tricks into coming in for a look.

The site loads very quickly, is mostly all text based (again for the search engines) and categorizes a wide variety of its not-really-there ringtones into groups like alternative, animals, country, dance, holiday, humor ringtones and more.

Once you dig into the actual page for a given ringtone (where you won’t be able to download it), all the ringtone genre links within are broken. MatrixM attempts to go a step further by letting you know your cell phone carrier compatibility for its thousands of “free ringtones” that you can’t really download (or even pay for if you wanted to).
Be careful here, too, as some of its cell phone information is outdated. For example, MatrixM still lists Cingular, which has been consumed by AT&T. Only Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile are listed. While these do represent the four major carriers, others are left out. MatrixM does list the ringtone name as well as the artist name.

The Bottom Line

While MatrixM claims it’ll offer you 42,970 ringtones all for free, only 25 are actually there. This is a deceptive ringtone vendor designed solely for the search engines. Buried within the site is this message to music publishers on its copyright page: “There is no media on this site. Nothing is available for download.”

With nothing but those 25 ringtones available for download, one can draw the conclusion that this site merely exists to lure in users under a false pretense for the purpose of soliciting advertising clicks and ultimately monetary gain.

One could even argue that this Web site, which contradicts its “nothing is available for download” statement with a prominent claim in its footer to “actively” license the ringtone content it actually does have, should be shut down.
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