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Ringtone Vendor Review: All You Can Eat at Ringophone

Vendor offers large selection with low pricing for unlimited downloads

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With a sea of vendors competing for your free or cheap ringtone dollar, which can you actually trust? This ringtone vendor review analyzes Ringophone, which says it boasts a selection of 250,756 ringtones for all-you-can-eat pricing.

Ringtones can be free and so can they be cheap, but even “cheap” can add up if you’re paying a low fee per ringtone. That’s why Ringophone hopes to earn your business by asking you to “stop paying for a single ringtone”.
Coupled with a large selection of thousands of ringtones, its low-priced unlimited plans are designed for you to predictably download to your heart’s content without worrying about racking up a larger-than-expected bill.

While many other sites offer you a combination of free ringtones and “cheap” ringtones that are priced between $0.99 and $2.99 each, Ringophone simply costs $19.99 for unlimited ringtones for six months or $29.99 for unlimited downloads for one year.

At $0.99 each at other sites, you’d break even at Ringophone once you download 20 ringtones over the course of six months. That’s one every nine days.

The site does keep tabs on your ringtone downloads and even allows you to download the same ones again at no additional cost if you happen to transfer to another cell phone or lose your handset.

If you’re looking for a selection of free ringtones, though, Ringophone is not the place to be spending your time. The vendor warns users about sites claiming they have “free ringtones” and promises “no sneaky subscriptions” with its two clear-cut plans and no hidden fees.

Instead, Ringophone says its ringtones are “almost free”. The vendor conveniently allows you to listen to ringtones online before you download. In order to download, though, you must pay for an unlimited plan and be signed into your account.
The site features a wide variety of different ringtones by category and includes “real tones” (i.e. snippets from real songs), polyphonic ringtones (several notes at a time) and monophonic ringtones (one musical note at a time). These are further divided by subcategories including pop, R&B, heavy metal and many more.

Though such an allowance could potentially be abused, Ringophone even permits users to download ringtones to unlimited cell phone numbers. This effectively enables paid subscribers to share their downloads with friends from a single account.

The Bottom Line

If you’re the kind of ringtone consumer who downloads many and likes to change frequently with fast-moving pop culture, Ringophone is a high-quality vendor with a large selection and attractive, all-you-cat-eat pricing.

On the other hand, Ringophone may not be for you if you only want a few ringtones on a per-download basis and don’t want to commit to an unlimited plan. Also, Ringophone isn’t the place to be if you’re in the market for free ringtones.
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