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Review: Free Ringtones at Decent Vendor Tones9.com

Decent selection of free ringtones, but vendor wants you to click off site

About.com Rating 2.5 Star Rating


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Free ringtone vendor Tones9.com offers an experience reminiscent of low-quality free ringtones vendor tkgnet.com.

We have rated Tones9.com a notch higher because it does offer a slightly larger selection of free ringtones. But the same user experience problem exists in that nearly half your clicks on Tones9.com will try to lead you off site for “complimentary ringtones”.
While the free ringtones on Tones9.com are actually there and truly are free, in order to access these other “free ringtones” you’d first need to sign up for a subscription service.

There often is a price to “free”. That said, this kind of practice might leave you feeling like you’re in a love-hate relationship with Tones9.com.

When clicking on the name of any song or any artist name, that’s when Tones9.com tries to send you off site to sign up for another service.

When clicking a small “download to PC” icon (which looks like a yellow down arrow), though, that’s when you can actually download a free ringtone for your cell phone. This is its primary value.

Don’t be fooled by the yellow “send to phone” icon (which looks like a cell phone). That also tries to send you off site to subscribe to a $9.99-per-month service you likely didn’t intend to find.

While Tones9.com does publish an extensive terms and conditions page, that link is found in tiny print in the footer of the site.

The Bottom Line

The one value Tones9.com delivers well is its availability of a somewhat decent selection of free ringtones. That selection, though, isn’t compelling enough to make this vendor a must-have site you’d be willing to tell about to all your friends.

On the other hand, what Tones9.com definitely does not do well is its overall user experience. More than half of your time on this site is designed to take you off site for an entirely separate service. Tones9.com would better serve itself and ultimately its users if it’d simply add advertisements and nix its aggressive off-site push.
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