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Unlimited Wireless: Cricket Wireless Roaming Policy

Does Cricket charge for roaming or is its wireless roaming free?


Cricket Wireless
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Unlike the case with the other major wireless carriers, U.S. wireless roaming with affordable and unlimited wireless carrier Cricket Wireless is not free and unlimited.

Cricket offers six unlimited-minute plans at these price levels: $60, $50, $45, $40, $35 and $30. At the $60 level, 200 roaming minutes come with the plan while 30 roaming minutes come with the $50 plan.

The $45, $40, $35 and $30 plans from Cricket don’t come with any roaming minutes. Roaming minutes are described by Cricket with this language: “Make calls when you are outside a Cricket coverage area. Cost and minutes depend on which plan you select.”

An extra 30 roaming minutes cost $5 per month on all plans, 70 roaming minutes cost $10 on all plans and 120 roaming minutes cost $15 on all plans.

This pricing is cheaper than roaming with unlimited wireless carrier MetroPCS, which charges a flat rate of 19 cents per roaming minute. With MetroPCS, 120 roaming minutes would cost you $22.80 instead of $15 with Cricket.

International long-distance calling with Cricket only covers calling to Canada (landline or mobile) and only landline phones to Mexico (not mobile phones).

These international long-distance costs with Cricket Wireless range between $5 and $20 per month with 150 minutes at the $20 price level, 100 minutes for $15 and 60 minutes for $10 per month.

More information about Cricket Wireless roaming fees can be found here. Unlike Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint reseller Boost Mobile, Cricket does not have a true nationwide network. Read more roaming policies by carrier here.
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