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Unlimited Wireless: MetroPCS Wireless Roaming Policy

Does MetroPCS charge for roaming or is its wireless roaming free?


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Unlike the case with the other major wireless carriers, U.S. wireless roaming with affordable and unlimited wireless carrier MetroPCS is not free and unlimited. In fact, it’s pricey and is among the most pricey on the market today.

MetroPCS doesn’t use the industry-standard “roaming” language when referring to its roaming. Instead, MetroPCS brands its roaming as TravelTalk®. Unlike Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile, MetroPCS is not a true nationwide cell phone carrier.

Cricket Wireless, which also isn’t a true nationwide cell phone carrier, offers some roaming minutes for free on two plans. It then sells them at an affordable rate beyond those minutes or à la carte on plans without roaming minutes.

MetroPCS, on the other hand, simply prices its roaming minutes at a flat 19 cents per minute when outside a MetroPCS coverage area.

With Cricket Wireless, for example, 120 roaming minutes would cost you $15. With MetroPCS, 120 roaming minutes would cost you $22.80.

When subscribed to a text messaging plan, texting is free and unlimited in a roaming (or TravelTalk) area with MetroPCS. The MetroPCS coverage map and its TravelTalk zones can be found here.

More information about TravelTalk from MetroPCS can be found here and here. MetroPCS does not offer international roaming. Instead, the unlimited wireless carrier offers international prepaid calling cards from a home MetroPCS calling area.

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