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Jitterbug J: Large Keys, Easy Menus for Seniors

$147 no-contract Samsung phone comes in graphite, white with 24/7 operators


Jitterbug J in graphite

Jitterbug J in graphite

Image © Samsung
The Jitterbug J by Samsung features a large, backlit keypad for easy dialing along with a bright color screen and easy-to-understand menus especially for senior citizens.
The Jitterbug J allows its users to turn on or turn off almost every feature on the phone including its text messaging and voicemail. Users also have access to live, 24/7 operators.


While the Jitterbug J wouldn’t be considered a budget cell phone, one perk is it comes with no contract.

The Jitterbug J costs $147 without a contract either in graphite or white.

A free car charger (valued at $24.99) comes with the purchase of a Jitterbug J and activation.

No-contract rate plans with nationwide Jitterbug service range from $14.99 a month with 50 anytime minutes up to $79.99 a month with 1,000 anytime minutes and 500 minutes on nights and weekends.


  • Large, backlit keypad for easy dialing
  • Bright color screen displays clear numbers (2.1-inch screen with 176x220 resolution and 262,000 colors)
  • Patented design with clear sound and the reduction of background noise
  • M4T4 hearing aid compatibility
  • Memory: 512 megabytes plus another 512 megabytes
  • Easy-to-understand menus (access all options with simple “yes” or “no” questions)
  • Bluetooth short-range wireless (i.e. for a wireless headset)
  • Caller ID
  • 30-day return policy
  • No contracts
  • No prepaid hassles
  • Speakerphone
  • Easy access to your phone book
  • Speaker has a familiar dial tone like your phone at home
  • 24/7 operators to help connect calls, provide directory assistance and activate or deactivate features
  • Additional, fee-based features include text messaging (10 cents per text message), premium voicemail ($3 per month), call waiting and voice dial

  • Battery
    Jitterbug J in white

    Jitterbug J in white

    Image © Samsung
    The Jitterbug J by Samsung rates in at up to 4 hours of continuous talk time before needing to be recharged. This does not make the About.com list of the best cell phone batteries.

    Size, Weight

    The Jitterbug J measures in at 2.17 inches by 3.87 inches by 0.98 of an inch thick, which is very thick. This does not make the About.com list of our best slim cell phones.

    In addition, the Jitterbug J weighs in at 4.06 ounces, which does not make the About.com list of our best lightweight cell phones.

    Differentiation in the Marketplace

    THe Jitterbug J by Samsung clearly differentiates itself with its simplicity and ease of use especially for senior citizens.
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