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Latest Samsung Cell Phone Reviews

Latest Samsung cell phone reviews. Those are my own reviews of Samsung cell phones but you can find much more Samsung cell phone reviews in my User cell phone reviews collection.
Samsung Juke Review
The Samsung Juke is a good affordable music player cell phone. Its 2GB memory will let you store a fair number of MP3 songs (roughly 600 basic songs) and its thin candy bar design is stylish and will slip easily in your pocket. But if you want a phone that's highly functional and will help you stay productive, look elsewhere. The Juke's form factor is perfect for a music player but not extremely appropriate for a cell phone.
Review Of The Samsung SCH-U740: A Good Cell Phone With Some Serious Downsides
Go for the Samsung u740 if you are obsessed with texting and do not mind its limitations and few weaknesses.
Review Of The Samsung Blast: Sturdy, Beautiful And Efficient, But Not Perfect
The Samsung Blast is not a bad phone nor is it an exceptional one. Its best qualities are the design and its general performance but the camera (and sometimes sound quality) was below-average. The Blast could be a good choice for non-frequent callers that are not too picky on sound and camera but have a strong interest for text messaging and instant messaging and can't afford more advanced text-messaging cell phones.
Samsung Upstage Review: A Two-Sided Thin Cell Phone
The Samsung Upstage is a great cell phone, after you get used to the dual-side display. But that's also a great plus as it provides a large display, a large keypad, without compromising on size. The Samsung Upstage is a good cell phone for everybody.
Review Of The Samsung U510: Some Annoyances Ahead...
The Samsung U510 is not Samsung's best quality cell phone so far but it does have some interesting qualities, such as a a very light weight and slim form factor... If you are looking for a "decent" cell phone at a low price, it could be the right one for you but don't expect any miracle.
Samsung IP-830w Review
Here is a Samsung IP-830w Review
Samsung SYNC Review
Here is a Samsung SYNC Review
Samsung a990 Review
More pictures of the Samsung a740
View a large or more pictures of the Samsung a740
Samsung ZX10 Review
My Samsung ZX10 Review
Samsung SPH-A900 Review
Product review of the Sprint Samsung SPH-A900 mobile phone.
Full List Of Samsung Cell Phone Reviews Submitted By Our Users
Our users review their own Samsung phone. This link leads to the full A-Z list for each brand, just scroll down to the Sony Ericsson cell phones part.
Samsung e335 Review
My Samsung e335 Review, a basic phone, except for a speakerphone system.
Samsung P735 Review
Here is a Samsung P735 Review, by your About.com guide to cell phones
Samsung A760 Review
Here is a Samsung A760 Review, brought to you by your About.com guide to cell phones.
Samsung A670 Review
Here is a Samsung A670 Review, brought to you by your About.com guide to cell phones.
Samsung D415 Review
Here is a Samsung D415 Review, brought to you by your About.com guide to cell phones.
Samsung A700 Review
Here is a Samsung A700 Review, brought to you by your About.com guide to cell phones.
Samsung A790 Review
Here is a Samsung A790 Review, brought to you by your About.com guide to cell phones.
Samsung e715 Review
Here is a Samsung e715 Review, brought to you by your About.com guide to cell phones.
Samsung SCH-A530: Nice jewel and consuming-oriented
The Samsung SCH-A530 is a consuming-oriented phone, which means that to enhance your experience, you must pay extra. But it's also a nice little jewel with its classy "champagne gold" clamshell cover. Will it fit your needs?
Samsung SPH-N400 Review
The Samsung SPH-N400 is an average phone with some extras. I liked its robust built but disliked some other aspects.
Samsung SGH-V205 Cell Phone Review
The v205 is a basic phone upgraded with a digital camera.
Samsung i330 PalmOS PDA cell phone
The Samsung i330 PDA phone with PalmOS 3.0 is a fair choice as a PDA phone.
Samsung A-500 with a color display
A feature-rich phone with an easy to navigate color interface. Can have an optional digital camera attachment.
Samsung SCH-A460: A Fair Set Of Features
Buying that phone is no mistake, unless you want Nokia-like personalization of ringtones and graphics and high speed data.
Samsung SGH-R225M: A Nice Little World Phone
A lightweight inexpensive phone for those who are mainly into voice, not data
Samsung SCH-N300: A Phone That Knows Where You Are
Nothing to rave about so far (we'll see how Sprint's location-based services work), but the Samsung SCH-N300 is an acceptable phone
Samsung SPH-I300: A good PDA cell phone
I awarded the Samsung SPH-I300 4.5 stars. It is easy to handle, good-looking, not too heavy, includes a palmtop computer and a color display. No need to add that it is a great cell phone.
Samsung SPH-A400: A Good Mainstream Phone
The Samsung SPH-A400 is a nice cell phone for those with no special needs who like a well designed handset.
Samsung SPH-N200
An "overall good phone" that won't let you down, but in a relatively bulky package.
Samsung SCH-N150
An acceptable choice for those on a budget and who don't need a superior battery life.
Samsung Uproar SPH-M100
Finally a good music-enabled phone with an MP3 player and 64 Megs of RAM.
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